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What Happened to Brookelyn Farthing?

Brookelyn Farthing was last seen in the early morning hours of June 22nd, 2013 at a home in the 100 block of Dillon Ct in Berea KY, a foreclosed home belonging to an acquaintance, 20 yr old Josh Hensley. The home had no running water and no electricity.

On the evening of June 21st, 18 yr old Brookelyn attended a house party on Red Lick Rd with her sister Paige and a cousin. Around 8:00pm Paige and the cousin left the party. Brookelyn decided to stay with a friend and made plans to stay overnight at that female friend’s home. She had brought an overnight bag in preparation.

Later in the evening Brookelyn and her friend had a falling out when the friend decided to spend the night with a male friend or boyfriend and the friend left the party leaving Brookelyn there. A short time later Brookelyn left that party with Josh Hensley and another male.

Allegedly the three drove out to Floyd Branch Road to see some horses that were connected to Josh. Afterwards the other male was dropped off at his home and Brooklyn and Josh returned to the home on Dillon Ct.

Around 4:00am Brookelyn contacted her sister Paige and asked for a ride. Paige didn’t have a way to pick up Brookelyn as she wasn’t a licensed driver and had no access to a vehicle. At the time Brookelyn didn’t appear to be in distress, according to Paige.

Brookelyn then contacted her ex-boyfriend to ask for a ride. He worked a third shift and said he would pick her up on his way home a little after 7:00am. A short time later, at 4:26am, he received several texts from Brooklyn stating “Please hurry”, “I’m scared” and “Hurry”. The last text, at 5:30am, stated “Nevermind” and then that she was instead going to a party in Rockcastle County. He replied to ask who she was going with but received no reply and he decided she was fine and went home.

Later that afternoon, on June 22nd, family began to worry when Brooklyn missed an important family event. They tracked down her last known whereabouts, Josh’s home, and contacted him. Josh was unknown to the family.

Josh stated that he had returned to his home with Brookelyn, was awkward with her there alone as he was a friend of her ex, so he left to attend to the horses on Floyd Branch Road. He had heard her discussing the party in Rockcastle County. When he left Brooklyn was sitting on his sofa smoking a cigarette.

According to Josh, he returned home around 7:00am to find his home on fire and Brooklyn missing. He then called the fire department. The sofa burned to the frame and was so intense it burned a hole through the floor. Brooklyn’s overnight bag, purse and shoes were left on the porch of the home. Brooklyn and only her cell phone were missing.

Brooklyn was never seen again. Her cell phone went unanswered. The last ping was in the Blue Lick Rd area of Berea which is only minutes from the Dillon Ct home. There was no evidence suggesting that Brookelyn ever spoke with anyone or planned to attend a party in Rockcastle County.

Someone knows where Brookelyn is. Someone knows what happened to her. Calling in a tip is not putting someone away…it’s only pointing investigators in the right direction as they must still have evidence to back up the claim. If you have information, please contact the Kentucky State Police in Richmond at 859-623-2404 or 1-800-222-5555.


9 thoughts on “What Happened to Brookelyn Farthing?”

  1. Saw this on the ID channel & agree wholeheartedly with C SIEH comments above…surely a jury of 12 can add this up without a body. This guy needs to be off the streets before it happens again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They could try to get an indictment but it’s awfully risky. If they put him through a trial and he was acquitted then he would never be charged even if the body is found.

      Everyone knows who did this. This is just one of those sad cases in which we will have to wait until he does it again, he confesses or she’s found. It’s possible he may have confessed to someone and that person hasn’t come forward.

      He really covered his tracks. That makes me wonder if he’s done it before. Burning that sofa was a bold move. It doesn’t appear that he left the area so he had to have disposed of her within however many miles of the home. I’m unsure what pinging told investigators. Surely his phone pinged with hers at some point after she was supposed to have left his home for the party.


  2. You have got to be kidding, it is obvious this Josh guy got mad because she turned him down . He raped her ,killed her and got nervous when the sister called him. She said her husband was a detective. He started house on fire to hide evidence. Lock him up and throw away the key. He is a creep otherwise he would have gave her a ride home. He was ok to drive to the horse stable and ok to drive to drop the other guy off ok to drive to his house. Get a clue this creeper killed her.


    1. I think investigators know he killed her. But they have to be able to prove it. The DNA or blood evidence would have been on that sofa. That’s exactly why he burned it. He knew what he was doing. Then he disposed of her body I would assume.

      Her body needs to be found. This guy has told someone what happened. Hopefully he’s told someone where her body is. They likely won’t have a case without her body.


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