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Investigators Have No Answers in the Disappearance of Jayme Closs or the Murder of Her Parents – Barron WI

Jayme Closs vanished in the middle of the night.

Someone from the Closs home made a call to the Barron County Sheriff’s 911 service at 12:53 a.m., Monday, October 15th 2018. Sheriff’s deputies arrived within seven minutes to discover James and Denise Closs dead of gunshot wounds. Their 13 year old daughter, Jayme, was not in the home. Jayme would later be listed as missing and endangered.

Thousands of volunteers searched the area. Two vehicles of interest were named and subsequently cleared. A sighting was reported in Miami and later dismissed. A man even broke into the Closs home and was caught stealing items of Jayme’s clothing. Investigators state that the man is not a suspect.

The nation watched as investigators removed items of evidence from the Closs home…a storm door, a broken entry door that had been allegedly kicked on, a small mattress, what appeared to be gun cases and a kitchen chair that appeared to show splintering from potential gunfire. Many thought the chair had ropes tied to its legs leading to speculation that someone had been tied to the chair. Investigators have stated that they called in numerous teams of investigators who combed over the scene four times, each removing evidence that might lead to the killer or killers.

In the weeks following, little is known. Investigators have openly shared their frustration at the lack of evidence. They have revealed that there are no shoe prints, no fingerprints, no DNA and no motive. The 911 call only revealed yelling of which the nature has not been disclosed.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald spoke exclusively  with The Daily Mail’s Laura Collins. Fitzgerald stated that ‘the crime scene both in and around the house was bizarrely in order’ and ‘nothing was out of place’.  He went on to say “It’s very frustrating but if I’m only in your house four minutes and I only step five feet into your house I’m probably not going to leave a big footprint”.

The Daily Mail also interviewed Jayme’s aunts, Jennifer Smith and Susie Allord. Jayme’s aunts believe the answer is right there in Barron County – that someone local knows what happened. They also believe the attack was ‘planned because they were in and out of there in four minutes and left nothing behind’.

Fitzgerald believes Jamie is alive. He doesn’t believe that Jayme had time to struggle with her captor. ‘If I’m the bad guy and I shoot two people, the third person, no matter who that is and probably whatever age they are, are probably going to do what I say because they know I’m capable of killing somebody’. When asked why he believes Jayme is still alive, Fitzgerald reveals ‘There’s no evidence to reveal she was injured at the scene before she was taken. There’s no physical evidence at all’.

Investigators will not reveal what type of gun was used or the caliber as this is something only the killer will know and likely the only thing investigators have determined conclusively from the scene. Around one hundred pieces of evidence have been sent into the crime lab for testing. Of those items, several are bullet or shell casings. The casings could have been the key to solving this crime if the perpetrator had touched the casings to load the weapon.  It was revealed today that no DNA has been found at the scene.

In the meantime, rumors abound. One man took to social media to claim that his friend was called to the Closs home around 10:30pm that Sunday evening. This would be just two hours before neighbors claim they heard two gunshots. The same man also claimed this friend saw Jamie earlier Sunday evening at a local grocery purchasing a large amount of snack type items. The man did not reveal the nature of that call to the home and neither statement has been confirmed to be true.

Others have alluded to the private nature of the Closs’s. No one seems to know much about the family, however, there has been no evidence whatsoever that the Closs’s were anything but your typical middle class family that were dedicated to each other, their careers and their teenage daughter. As speculation loomed that perhaps Jayme herself was somehow involved in her parents deaths, at least two friends spoke out on her behalf stating that Jayme was ‘sweet’ and ‘could never do such a thing’.

Investigators are delving into the intricate details of the Closs’s lives as they look for any tip or clue for a motive or a suspect. If you have any information to offer or any insight into the lives of James, Denise or Jayme’s life please contact the tip line, Barron County Sheriff’s Dept or the FBI. Someone out there has that one piece of information and may not even realize the significance so make that call!

The reward stands at $50,000 for the information leading to Jayme’s location.

Tip Line: 855-744-3879

** As a reminder, you may comment on this story below. Comments are anonymous. You do not need to register, give a real name or email address to leave a comment.


Daily Mail Interview Video

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Kelsey Berreth – Missing 11/22/2018 – Woodland Park CO



Update 12/14/18:  During an afternoon press conference Chief De Young stated that Kelsey’s disappearance is ‘suspicious’.  They do not believe she is intentionally avoiding efforts to find her.  De Young said that Patrick Frazee has not sat down with investigators and is only communicating through his attorney.  He would like for Frazee to give investigators an opportunity to speak with him as he is the last known person to have seen Kelsey.  A search was conducted today of the home Frazee shares with his Mother.  Investigators removed numerous pieces of evidence from the home and barn.

Clarification:  Many are questioning why it took so long for Kelsey to be reported missing.  It didn’t.  Kelsey’s Mother, Cheryl, knew something was wrong on the 25th, possibly even sooner.  She contacted the Woodland Park PD and they performed a wellness check on the 25th.  It’s my speculation that they knew something didn’t add up and then started investigating at that time.  They certainly pinged Kelsey’s phone right away.  I believe they began looking into the disappearance at that time.

Kelsey is an adult.  Based on Frazee’s story…she told him she was traveling to the Grandmother’s home which was quite a ways away.  She and Frazee had broken up and maybe she did need to get away.  They had to allow her time to arrive.  She didn’t.  It’s not a crime for an adult to take some time out.  By December 2nd it was clear she was not at the Grandmother’s and was therefore officially reported missing.  I have NO doubt that the Woodland Park PD were on the case well before the official missing date.

Update 12/12/18:  Video has been released that shows Kelsey and her one year old daughter entering the Safeway in Woodland Park CO on Thanksgiving Day.   It’s now stated that Kelsey’s fiancée, Patrick Frazee, saw Kelsey later that afternoon when he stopped by Kelsey’s home to pick up their daughter.  The two lived near each other and frequently spent the night together at Frazee’s home.  Kelsey’s Mother, Cheryl, has allegedly been denied visits (by Frazee) to see her granddaughter.

Update 12/11/18:  Per a family member – Kelsey and her Fiancée, Frazee, broke up either the day before or on Thanksgiving.   According to Frazee’s statements to family, Kelsey dropped her daughter off at Frazee’s home and stated that she was going for a visit to her Grandmother’s home in Soap Lake Washington.  The family member alleges that Kelsey told no one of any plans the visit the Grandmother.  Kelsey had contacted no one in the family on that day to tell them she was going to make the drive.  Her vehicles were found at her home.

Kelsey Berreth of Woodland Park CO was officially reported missing by her Mother on December 2, 2018.  Kelsey was seen on Thanksgiving day, November 22nd, at 12:27pm at the local Safeway Grocery store.  Investigators did retrieve video surveillance of Kelsey shopping with her daughter.


Patrick Frazee, Kelsey’s fiancé, was the last known person to see Kelsey on Thanksgiving day when she dropped off their one year old daughter at his home.  Kelsey and Patrick are engaged but have always maintained separate residences.  Their daughter, Kaley, remains in his custody.  Frazee told police that he last saw Kelsey that Thanksgiving Day and then communicated with her again on November 25th and the details of that encounter have not been released.

Kelsey’s Mother, Cheryl Berreth, contacted Woodland Park police on November 25th to ask for a wellness check.  Upon inspection of her home police noted that cold cinnamon rolls were left on the stovetop.  Kelsey’s brown purse appeared to be the only item missing.  According to a family member her makeup and other personal items were located in the home.  Kelsey owns two vehicles and both were located in her driveway and searched by police.

On November 25th a text was received from Kelsey’s phone by her employer, Doss Aviation in Pueblo, informing them that she would not be into work the following week.  Kelsey works at Doss as a flight instructor.  Woodland Park police noted that there is no indication that a plane appears to be associated with her disappearance.

The last ping from Kelsey’s phone originated in Gooding Idaho around 5:13pm on November 25th.  Kelsey’s Mother, Cheryl, is a resident of Laclede ID which is around 580 miles from Gooding.  Gooding ID is around 824 miles from Kelsey’s home in Woodland Park CO.

Woodland Park police held a press conference on Monday, November 10th, in which new information on her timeline was released.  Reporters asked Chief De Young why Frazee was not in attendance at Monday’s news conference, De Young said he was invited but “you would have to ask him why he is not here.”  When asked if Frazee is being cooperative De Young stated “Yes, at this time, yes”.  Frazee’s home has not been searched however De Young stated that it’s not off the table being that it is a missing persons investigation.

When asked why Frazee didn’t report Kelsey missing De Young replied “That’s a question we will have to ask Patrick”.

“She is not the kind that runs off,” an emotional Cheryl Berreth said during the news conference. “This is completely out of character. She loves her God, her family, friends and her job. She is reliable, considerate and honest. Like I said – she doesn’t run off and someone knows where she is at.”


Woodland Park Police are working with the Teller County Sheriff’s Office, The Colorado Bereau of Investigations, Gooding ID police, Colorado 4th District Attorney’s office and the FBI.  The FBI likely entered the investigation as the case involves Kelsey’s phone, and potentially Kelsey, crossing state lines from Colorado and into Idaho.

If you have any information related to Kelsey’s disappearance contact the Woodland Park Police Department at (719) 687-9262.

** As a reminder, there is an area for comments below.  You do not need to register or use your name or email address to leave a comment.  Your comments are absolutely anonymous.  This page is open for discussion.  All theories, speculation, rumors and, of course, facts…are welcomed.  Please be kind and respect others comments.



Link to Kelsey’s official Facebook missing page – helpfindkelsey

Woodland Park CO press conference – Monday, November 10th 2018


Patrick Frazee being confronted outside of an attorney’s office


Social media comments in regards to the case:




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Catholic Supply Store Homicide & Sexual Assault – Ballwin MO – 11/19/2018

Update:  KSDK St. Louis had released a mugshot and reported that  charges have been filed against Bruce.  That statement was later redacted.  The press conference is at 4:30pm.




Update:  A person of interest has been taken into custody by the St. Louis County Police.  He’s a 53 yr old white male, Thomas Bruce.  Please keep in mind that Bruce is only a person of interest right now.


Update:  The suspect description has been updated.  Posted by the St. Louis County


“Good afternoon. As we continue to investigate the homicide and assault, here is a more detailed description of the suspect: The suspect is a white male, 5’7” to 5’9”, 40 to 50 years of age. At the time of the incident, he was wearing a navy blue Carhartt style work jacket, a plaid shirt, red, white, and black in color, glasses, a brown belt with a red and blue square on the clasp or clip of the belt, and the hat described below.
The hat investigators believe the suspect was wearing is commonly referred to as an ivy hat, Irish hat, newsboys hat, or a flat hat. Exemplar photos of the hat and the jacket are attached.
The suspect remains at large.
Again, no bit of information is too small to report.
Please contact the St. Louis County Police Department at 636-529-8210 to speak to investigators if you have any information regarding the incident.
To remain anonymous or potentially receive a reward, please contact CrimeStoppers at 1-866-371-TIPS(8477) if you have any information regarding the incident.”

On Monday, November 19th, 3:15pm, a man walks into the Catholic Supply store in Ballwin MO and orders four women to the back of the store. At gunpoint he forces the women to strip naked. Allegedly three of these women are sexually assaulted in an unspeakable manner. One woman is shot in the head and later dies of her injuries.

The suspect is not known to the women. He’s described as being 5’7, heavy build, wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, large belt and a black or grey ‘paperboy’ style hat. The suspect may have fled on foot as there is no vehicle of interest.

Who is this man? Is he local to the area? Was he drifting through? There was a youth ministry convention taking place in St. Louis….could he have been in town to attend the conference?

What is his motive? Was this an attack on Catholicism or Christianity or simply a crime of opportunity perpetuated by a sexual sadist?

Where is he now?

This is the hat worn by the suspect as described by witnesses.

This is an updated description of the suspect jacket.


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Delphi – The Renner Interviews

This morning I was made aware of a series of videos made by James Renner, an investigative journalist from Ohio.  He was approached by Kelsi a couple of months earlier at CrimeCon and decided to take a look into the Delphi case. As I make my way through these videos I’m going to comment below to highlight what stood out to me as relevant or new information.

Please feel free to comment on anything that stands out to you!

*Renner uses a 360 degree camera so pan around a little and you can see views from all angles.


Chapter 1: Renner mentions a blurry photo of the suspect taken by Libby. I assume he’s speaking of the still photos LE took of the Snapchat video and he’s not yet familiar enough to know that it was a still from the video?  We will see if that’s clarified later in the series (It’s not).  There is always a possibility that she took a photo of the suspect and the information was never made public although unlikely.


Chapter 2: Renner sits down with Becky and Mike Patty. (These people are saints in my opinion). This chapter is highly informative. Becky and Mike walk through that morning and afternoon of the 13th from the time the girls decided to go to the trail to the time Becky and Anna are at the police station that evening as investigators search for information on their electronic devices.

Derrick passed a guy as he was looking for the girls. This man, who is a witness and not a suspect, stated that he saw ‘two’ under the bridge when Derrick stated he was looking for Abby and Libby.  Who were these two girls under the bridge?  I heard at the beginning of this case that they were classmates.  Did they see the girls or BG? That gives us at least three people who were on the trail and within the bridge area around 3:15-3:30pm.

Becky and someone else (can’t recall who right now- Kelsi?) drove around the area of the trail to see if they saw the girls walking home.  I don’t know the specific time. They do not mention seeing any type of suspect walking around although that doesn’t mean he wasn’t walking or that they didn’t pass someone walking.


Chapter 3:  Becky gives Renner a tour of Libby’s room.  The Patty’s provided a nice home for the girls it appears.


Chapter 4:  The interview with Kelsi. Kelsi states that there were 10-20 kids visible at the trail that day when she dropped Libby and Abby off on the 13th and not as many when they returned to pick up and then later search for the girls. She didn’t see anyone unusual and they were all kids her age.  This is the first I’ve heard of so many being there during that time frame.  That makes me believe that BG was already back on the trail before the girls arrived.  Did any of these kids see him?  Did anyone see him walk out?  This now gives us numerous people milling about the trail area at the time the girls were there.

Kelsi gives us some great insights into Libby’s personality.  She confirms that they had been actively geocaching during the two weekends prior to the homicides.  Kelsi states that there are two geocaching sites near the trail/bridge.  One is along the roadway in the woods.  The other is under the trail end of the bridge – therefore the bridge would not need to be crossed in order to visit that geocache location.  Kelsi seems confident that Libby was not geocaching that day as they had made a promise to do it together.

Kelsi states that Libby would have had her phone out to take photos, stating ‘That’s what they did’.  They went out to the trail area to take nature photos.

Renner mentions that he believes the suspect is local and if not right there in Delphi then a surrounding area such as Lafayette.  I do not think BG is local to Delphi but I do agree that he has at least lived in one of the surrounding communities. I think BG lived in the surrounding areas as a drifter but I’m not sure where he was born and raised. Likely Indiana but not nearby to Delphi.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of people, or any, coming forward saying ‘yes I know that guy…I went to high school with him, church…worked with him, etc’. But maybe that’s because the still photos are too blurry.


Chapter 5:  The trail and bridge are explored.  Well, they were going to explore them.  Nothing really to see in this chapter.  They don’t cross the bridge and at this point Renner thinks the girls were found on the other side of the bridge where they went down the hill…not realizing they were found on the side he was on and he didn’t need to cross the bridge to find that area.  But, it’s Logan’s private land either way and he probably wouldn’t want to trespass.

*I wouldn’t cross it either but had hoped to get a better look at the trail and the area in which they may have first encountered the suspect.  I’ve still not seen a video of the exact area in which the girls were found although we have photos.


Chapter 6: This is the interview with Anna which is nice because we have had little insight into Abby.  Anna states that there was rumor of a boyfriend at another school and Abby kept her mom off of her Facebook because she wasn’t supposed to have an FB account.

When discussing the bridge Anna expresses her anger over others fascination with the bridge and states that ‘two girls died there horrifically’.  I think that’s confirmation, sadly, that the homicides were as bad as has been rumored.  I can’t speak for Anna but that’s my take on her statement.

She also mentions that Abby did not frequent the bridge and wasn’t familiar with crossing it, that she’s aware of.

Was it just me? The chapter 6 video began abruptly and ended mid sentence with Anna.


Chapter 7:  An interview with Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby.  Interesting.  The Snapchat photos of the girls and video of the suspect was not located until after the girls were found according to Leazenby.  However…Becky and Anna stated that they had the Snapchat photos of the girls on the night of the 13th.  I’m guessing the video came the next day.  I’m once again wondering if there was a photo of the suspect and not just the released video stills?   No one ever corrects Renner to state that there aren’t suspect photos…only video stills that LE took from the video.  Prior to the discovery of the bodies LE only considered them missing.  Clearly there was nothing found on the 13th or morning of the 14th to indicate a homicide had taken place.  ….Despite J Kyle Keener’s observation of girls clothing in the creek around 10am.


Chapter 8:  More talk with Kelsi.  It’s a shame she’s fearful.  It appears she feels that it was more of a crime of opportunity and not targeted.  They discuss the suspect’s familiarity with the bridge.  My opinion – it doesn’t take much to become familiar with the layout of the land and some people aren’t scared of heights.  The guy was obviously brazen enough to murder two innocent young girls…he likely has the capacity to cross that bridge to get to his target, like a hunter.


Chapter 9:  More honest conversation with Anna.  It’s clarified that both girls were deceased on the 13th and neither lived to the morning of the 14th.  She’s, understandably, frustrated with much of the online talk and rumor.


Chapter 10:  More with Tobe Leazenby.  He has watched/listened to the entire Snapchat video.  He appears to believe the voice is that of the suspect shown in the video.  He states there is nothing that leads him to believe more than one person was involved but they can’t rule it out either.  He does state that the attack itself is not on the recording.  I think Leazenby is more confident in the DNA then he lets on.


Renner did a great job going out and conducting these interviews.  There are always questions we wish we could ask ourselves of course.  The interviews haven’t changed my theory in any way.  It’s obvious…the playing field is becoming more narrow each and every day.  Soon, there will be no place to hide.



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The Closs Mystery

At 12:53 a.m. on October 15th the Barron County WI Sherrif’s Department received a 911 call.  The call lasted less than one minute.  Dispatchers traced the call to a cell phone located at a home at 1268 13 1/2 Ave USH 8.  Officers were dispatched at 12:56 a.m.  They arrived at 1:00 a.m., just 7 minutes after the call was placed.

Meanwhile it was discovered that the cell phone belonged to Denise Closs who resided at that address.  The dispatcher attempted to call the phone back and there was no answer.  The dispatcher then made an attempt to call the landline and found it to be disconnected.

Its unclear what was heard during that seconds long 911 hang up call.  The dispatcher only noted that there was a lot of yelling.

As officers arrived they noted that the front door was open.  At 1:03 a.m. they advised that it was a possible suicide attempt.  Officers requested backup, 503 and first responders.  At 1:04 a.m. officers paged EMS to respond and stage for a possible suicide attempt.  At 1:05 a.m. officers entered the home to discover 56 yr old James Closs laying in or near the doorway unresponsive and a victim of an apparent shooting.  They advised of multiple spent rounds.  At 1:06 a.m. officers advised that the door had been kicked in and that the male who is down had answered the door.  At 1:11 a.m it was advised that two subjects were down as they discovered the body of 46 yr old Denise Closs.  At 1:32 a.m officers advised that no gun was found.  At 3:06 a.m. the call log was changed from suicide to homicide.  At 3:57 a.m. the call went out for a missing juvenile, the Closs’s 13 yr old daughter Jayme.  At 4:02 a.m. a call went out to request contact with an FBI field agent.  At 4:25 a.m. officers we 10-76 to 1341 17th st. (Family of victims)  At 4:32 a.m. investigators made contact with security at the St. Croix Casino.

At 5:13 a.m. Jayme L. Closs was listed as ‘Abducted by a Stranger’.  Investigators list the time of abduction as 12:55 a.m.  At 12:35 p.m. the family’s dog was removed from the scene and placed with family.

A neighbor reported hearing two gunshots around 12:31 a.m. but did not report the shots to police as they surmised that gunshots were a normal occurrence in the rural area in which the Closs’s resided.

Later in the afternoon as investigators and forensic teams worked the crime scene witnesses noted evidence being removed from the home.  The outer glass door was removed and loaded into the evidence van.  A conspicuous kitchen/dining chair was carried out by a technician and appeared to contain rope on the legs, back spindles and upper spindles leading to much speculation that at least one of the victims had been bound to the chair.

While investigators have received over a thousand tips they state that they have no credible leads as to who committed this crime or to Jayme’s whereabouts.  They have taken an unusual step of stating that Jayme is 100% alive.

What happened to the Closs family?  Why was 13 yr old Jayme Closs abducted from the scene after the homicides of her parents?  It’s reported that Denise and Jayme attended a family party earlier in the day.  James Closs is reported to have worked a shift ending at 11:00 p.m. at nearby Jennie-O Foods, where both James and Denise were employed.  Interviews with friends and family paint the portrait of a typical working class family.  There are no reported gambling, drug or alcohol addictions within the small family.  It’s not expected that the family had a large amount of cash, jewels or other items that would lead someone to target them.  The motive is an absolute mystery to all those who knew the Closs’s.

Investigators deny any involvment by Jayme Closs in the homicides of her parents.  So who would be so bold as to loudly kick in a seemingly strong door on a Sunday, in the middle of the night, shoot James as he answered the door, shoot Denise in another room shortly afterwards, allegedly tie one of the family members up in a chair and then make their escape with a 13 yr old teen?  Why take Jayme and not murder her also?

Was the killer known to the family?  Was it a family member, friend, coworker, neighbor…or just a random stranger?  Were they looking for something?  Did they target the wrong home?  Was it someone Jayme was involved with either in person or online?  Was someone angry with one of the Closs’s?  Why did someone do this?

As often is the case, there are many more questions than answers.  Now we must locate Jayme.  If you have any information about the homicides of James and Denise Closs or the abduction of Jayme Closs please contact the FBI or the Barron County Sheriff’s Department.


Police are looking for information on these vehicles of interest that were seen in the area at the time of the homicides/abduction.



Evidence removed from the Closs home


The broken door frame


First five pages of the dispatch logs.  There are 14 in all.  The first four are the most significant.








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The Waiting Game – Libby and Abby Comment Page 18


It’s a waiting game. Investigators must wait until he takes another victim and hope evidence from the next attack/homicide will lead them to the killer of Abigail Williams and Liberty German.

It’s not an uncommon practice. There’s evidence, plenty of it, we’re told. Investigators have video and audio of the killer. But they do not have a name. Video stills, a voice clip, hundreds of highway billboards, numerous television appearances, witness accounts and a sketch of the suspect have failed to identify this killer. While thousands of tips have poured in, his identity remains unknown.

On July 18th, 2018, it was reported that investigators are working with Paragon NanoLabs in an attempt to identify Libby and Abby’s attacker through a DNA genealogy database. It’s been successful in other high profile cases. But it’s dependent upon a family member of the suspect, unknowingly, to have already submitted a DNA sample into GEDmatch.

It’s been almost 20 months since the two Delphi IN teens were led down a hill and brutally murdered near the Monon High Bridge Trail. There have been no named suspects. Investigators have stated that they have enough significant evidence to build a solid case once a suspect has been identified.

What are we left with? When all evidence and leads are dead ends…all you can do is wait. We can only speculate that such a brutal crime could not possibly be a first violent offense. We can only speculate that the killer’s DNA is not in CODIS or ViCap. We can only speculate that, in time, he will claim another victim. Then we wait.

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Comment Page 17 – Please continue comments here on the Delphi Homicides of Abby and Libby

IMG_2705Investigators.  It’s time.  It’s time to release additional information.

It’s now one year and six months past the date Libby and Abby were murdered.  No arrests and no current suspects.  Yet a killer remains free.  A killer that you stated likely has other victims…someone that likely will have future victims.

Yes, we must protect the integrity of the investigation.  Absolutely.  But we must also find a killer.  This case is different than most.  Sure, we don’t want false confessions.  But we have video and audio of the killer.  Investigators would know if a false confession is being made because we can see the killer.  We don’t want to alter the account of a witness who might come forward with facts they don’t already know.  True.  But maybe a piece of information will be just what it takes for a new witness to come forward.  People are witnesses every day but they do not recognize it until they know what it is that they witnessed.

As time passes the public interest will diminish.  Other precious lives will be lost and the focus will change.  Tips will become few.  Regular reminders and a consistent release of information is necessary to keep an incoming flow of witnesses and tips.  It’s time to throw a little bit more out there.  Any little tidbit will fuel public interest for weeks to months.

There’s no question that investigators want this case to be solved more than anyone. They know what happened to these girls, they saw their bodies, watched the video, listened to the audio, had to inform their families, etc.  We think we know how horrific it was but they actually do know.  It must be a tough balance between protecting the investigation, because you know you someday will have that arrest, and knowing you also need that right information from the public.

If you know anything about the homicides of Abby and Libby or if you think, even remotely, that you know this suspect, please call the tip line, contact your local law enforcement, the FBI, the Carroll County Sherrif’s Office, Delphi police…or send it here.  Just tell someone so that we can get this guy off the streets.


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Comment Page 16 – Please continue comments here on the Delphi Homicides of Abby and Libby

Here we are.  One year and five months after Libby and Abby were brutally murdered and we have no answers.  No suspects.  No arrests.  No public pleas from law enforcement asking for information.

I support law enforcement to a fault.  Sure, we know there are bad apples but overall   law enforcement officers are outstanding people.  They wake up every morning (or night) knowing ‘today could be the day’ that the unthinkable might happen.  For those local to Delphi that day may have been February 13th 2017 when two teens were reported missing and then found the next afternoon in a wooded area near the trail from which they were abducted.

Being supportive of law enforcement doesn’t exclude you from questioning their ability to handle a case in which citizen volunteers stumbled through the crime scene, one in which thousands of tips poured in, a case that’s received a lot of media attention and, presumably, a case that’s seemingly very difficult to solve despite having video/audio of the suspect and witness accounts that produced a sketch.  I am absolutely certain that anyone involved in this investigation has lost many nights sleep, that they are working very hard towards an arrest, that they would do anything within their power to solve this mystery.  But, are they thinking outside the box?

There’s an article dated April 17 2018 in the Journal & Courier that discusses the new Indiana DNA collection laws.  Beginning in January 2018 DNA will be collected from anyone charged with a felony.  The former policy only required the collection of DNA upon a conviction.  Carroll County Chief Tobe Leazenby was asked if they’ve tested the Delphi suspect DNA against the database now that we have these new felon entries.  His reply surprised me.  He said “running any evidence they have against the broader DNA database is something investigators have not discussed, but it’s worth exploring.”  Why wouldn’t this have been discussed already?  At that time in April there were over 3000 new entries in the DNA database that had already led to 72 hits in other cases.  Perhaps they do not have enough DNA to keep running tests?  Maybe they already know who their guy is?  Or, maybe it just hasn’t occurred to them?

There’s also been much publicity surrounding several high profile cases being solved  through Parabon Nanolabs.  They tackle a case in many ways.  They use DNA phenotyping to create an almost-near photographic image of the suspect less differentials for weight and other life choices that affect appearance.  They also compare suspect DNA to a genealogy database hoping to strike a familial match upon which they can build a family tree to narrow the suspect list.  It’s not costly.  Have investigators explored this option?

Then we have Daniel Nations.  Many have speculated that Nation’s refused to give DNA in Colorado which led to him being extradited on charges, that are not typically worthy of extradition costs, back to Indiana.  Nations took a tour through various Indiana county jails before allegedly giving a DNA sample as part of a deal.  As this is based on speculation we do not know if the motive was to retrieve his DNA.  We do know that he was named as a suspect.  The only named suspect.  We hear of so many cases in which LE obtained DNA without a suspect’s knowledge by either confiscating his eating utensils, a cup, hairbrush or even testing used tissues.  So, why not grab the guy’s personal items for DNA testing and either eliminate him or implicate him?

It goes without question that investigators have more knowledge in this case than most would imagine.  They may even have the answers to all of these questions, perhaps even a DNA match.  Is it telling that there have been no recent law enforcement updates and no recent requests for tips?  Investigators owe us no explanation of course.  We can only keep the faith that the investigation is going in the right direction.  And we must continue to support investigators as they tirelessly work to solve the murders of these two beautiful girls!




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Update – SOLVED! – There’s a Serial Killer Amongst Us


Update – Parabon NanoLabs has identified Robert Eugene Brashers as the serial killer known as Mr. Maroon.  Brashers died of a self inflicted gunshot wound in January 1999, six days after an encounter with police in Kennett MO.

Robert Eugene Brashers Identified as Mr. Maroon

There’s a serial killer in the Midwest.  We don’t know his name and we don’t know where he lives.  We do know he targets 12-14 year olds and he has no hesitation to take on multiple victims at once.  He uses a ruse to gain entry into victim’s homes.  He pretends to be looking for a road or person and then uses the phrase “Let’s take it inside”.  It’s clear that he targets homes with young girls, not young girls, but girls that are on the cusp of puberty.  He uses latex gloves and he brings items necessary to control his victims.

The FBI believes his first homicide took place on April 5th, 1990 in Greenville SC.  While Genevieve Zitricki slept a man forced his way through a sliding patio door and into the apartment of the 28 yr old recently divorced female.  He attacked Zitricki as she slept, no warning, he bludgeoned her with a small hammer he carried with him.  He sexually assaulted and then strangled her.  Afterwards, he moved her body into her bathtub and turned on the faucet.

Before leaving, Zitricki’s killer emptied all of her bedroom drawers, scattering clothing all over the floor, on the dresser mirror he used a magic marker to scribble the words “Don’t f*** with my family”.  The FBI believes this message was an attempt to mislead the investigation.  They do not believe this was a random attack.

Two weeks after the Zitricki homicide, near the apartment complex, a jogger found a pair of latex gloves that police believe belonged to the killer.  Next to those gloves was a folded up photo of a smiling woman dressed only in a T-shirt and panties.  Was this woman the intended victim?  Investigators aired the photo on a segment of Unsolved Mysteries and was able to identify her through viewer tips.  They revealed that the woman’s husband lived in the apartment complex before marrying her.  The husband was cleared in Zitricki’s murder.  This photo led the FBI to believe the killer is a maintenance worker, contractor, cable installer or some other job that would have given him access to the building’s units.

Eight years pass.  Then one day in March of 1998, in Portageville, Missouri, just minutes after 7pm, Tony Scherer and his son Steven find the bodies of Sherri Scherer, 37, and their daughter Megan, 12.  Sherri was found face down, bound and gagged, near the sofa, shot several times with a .22.  Megan’s COD has never been fully revealed to the public.  Missouri Highway Patrol investigator Don Windham stated, in regards to Megan, “She was in a, what was really the horrific part of this, not only was she assaulted and shot and….just horribly ….she was posed like he wanted to show what he had done,” Windham also said. “I can tell you that he brought some items to help him control the victims. And I have evidence that I believe will show that he also took those items back with him.”

When asked if they had been tied up, he said, “They were both bound, yeah. And gagged.”

The killer was only in the home for 30 minutes.  Steven Scherer had called and spoke with his Mother at 6:20pm.  20 minutes after this call Tony Scherer also called his wife and received no answer.  By 7pm both Mother and daughter were dead.

Investigators obtained touch DNA and a hair fiber from Megan’s hand and this DNA matched that of the Zitricki murder.  Two entirely different MO’s but one killer.

Only two hours after killing the Scherer’s, a man in a maroon van pulls into the driveway of a home in Dyersberg TN.  The front door was open and the unidentified woman peered out.  The man approached, said he was looking for a road but wasn’t sure of the name.  This raised the suspicions of the woman who was home alone with her children.  The man then said he was looking for “Jeremy Taylor”.  The woman pretended to call a neighbor who was not home, told the man that this neighbor knew Jeremy and that he could head over there.  Clearly a ruse of her own so that she could contact police.  At this point the man pulled out a gun, he said “Let’s take it inside” and the woman lunged for the gun.  As the two struggled over the gun the woman yelled for one of her children to ‘get the shotgun’.  This caused the attacker to pull loose, causing the gun to fire, shooting the woman in the shoulder.

Ballistics confirm the same gun was used in the Scherer murders that took place just hours prior.  Why did he seek another victim so soon?  Was his rampage at the Scherer home interrupted?  Was there still some part of his sadistic fantasy not completed?

The unknown serial killer was entered into the FBI’s ViCAP database.  Violent Criminal Apprehension Program.  This is a database that analyzes serial violent crimes.  It’s used for homicides, sexual assaults, missing persons and unidentified remains.  This system is able to link cases by the ‘signature’ serial offenders often use amongst multiple crimes.  It also correlates crimes by linking cases that are similar by motive, COD, victim, etc.

In May 2007, investigators learned of a new link to the Scherer/Zitricki homicides.  Memphis investigator’s were clearing through a backlog of old rape test kits when they received a hit.

In 1996 a man cane to the door of an unidentified family.  In the home there was three woman and a 14 yr old female.  As one woman opened the door the man said, “Not gonna hurt you. Just do what I say. Take it in the house.”  The stranger then said, “Listen, lady, all I want is your car. All I want is your car. Let’s take it in the house.”

The man forced his way into the home, put on a set of yellow dishwashing gloves and brought out a roll of duct tape.  He bound and gagged the three adult women.  He bound, gagged and raped the 14 yr old female.

New Madrid County, lead investigator, Colonel Bud Cooper amd Highway Patrol investigator Don Windham, commenting on the suspect, made the following statements to a KFVS reporter in July 2017:

“Not only the DNA, but the way they were bound and tied,” Don Windham stated. “And the way he took items away. And brought things in. Some of those items, some of those things match.”

When asked if he thought a young female was the objective in each of three cases, Cooper said “yes.”

Stated by a KFVS reporter: That frightening conclusion made Jenny Zitricki’s murder seem out of place. But Cooper saw a suspect evolving from a silent killer in South Carolina, to a man with a very specific plan. “And then you fast forward seven years and he’s talking his way into the house. He’s comfortable talking to not only one but four people at the same time.”

Investigators do believe there are more victims and they expect to receive additional hits at other agencies enter DNA samples and other case information.  FBI investigator’s believe the suspect lives within a 75 mile radius of his crimes and has connections to the Greenville SC area.  They are specifically looking for similar crimes committed in the following states:  MO, AR, TN, KY, SC, NC and IL.

The suspect is described as a male between the ages of 30-50 yrs old with a slight build, shaggy graying hair and graying full mustache.  At one time he drove a dark colored or maroon van.


If you recognize this suspect or have any information relating to these cases, please contact the New Madrid County Sheriff’s Office at 573-748-2516 or the Missouri State Highway Patrol at 573-840-9500.  Or contact the FBI.


Additional sketches of Mr. Maroon:








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Photo Page – Delphi Homicides




Closeup of the ‘fanny pack’

Important facts released by family

Q&A with Tara and Becky. This will dispel some rumors. This was posted within a Facebook group and the poster stated that it was fine to share with other groups.*/0B_safM3A4ahQY0xCSENzWHQyRk0?e=download


Is this BG? A woman in W Lafayette took this photo of her children and only later saw the man on the bench. This man does appear to be dressed similarly. BG is said to have worn a baseball style cap that had flaps.

Flowers placed by the girls family in the area in which they were found.


Crime Scene. If there is something circled…I did not circle it. These are photos I have screenshot that others have posted.


Enhancements. These were enhanced by an LE friend. They were not manipulated outside of applying a detail filter.


These are photos the female hiker took at about the same time the girls were murdered. I’m unsure what someone circled here.


I find it oddly coincidental that there is a national weather center water gauge right at the crime scene!


Are these the same items?? One is BG and the other is not. They appear to have the same red, white and blue pattern. I think this is a knife handle or sheath.


According to the witness BG had on a baseball type cap with flaps. These are some possibilities. Unusual hat selection that would stand out.


DNA phenotyping in the Michella Welch case. The suspect was thought to be a drifter who camped in the woods nearby. He murdered Michella in the afternoon at a crowded park. Michella’s teacher saw her talking to the man one moment and she was gone the next. He had taken her down a ravine where he sexually assaulted her and cut her throat.


This is the DNA phenotyping of the unknown suspect in the rape and murder of Jodine Serrin. She was murdered on Valentine’s Day 2007. This suspect resembles the Delphi sketch.


Scanner feed for 2/14. When the girls are discovered around 12:12 they switch to a private channel. As far as I am aware, no scanner feed relating to the girls is available after this point.




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Delphi Homicide Suspect

On Monday, February 13th 2017, at 1:00pm, two best friends went for a hike on the Monon High Bridge trail in Delphi Indiana.  Shortly after 2:00pm a man approached the girls as they neared the end of the Monon bridge.  He ordered them ‘down the hill’ to their eventual deaths.  Their bodies were found by searchers on Tuesday, February 14th, at 12:15pm on a stretch of private property just 50-60 feet from Deer Creek and within a half mile of the bridge.

The identity of the suspect, now known as BG (bridge guy), remains unknown. Police have revealed very little information outside of two still  images and a suspect voice clip taken from a video recorded by Liberty German as the suspect approached.

The untimely deaths of these two young ladies has forever impacted the the girl’s family and the community alike.  This suspect or suspects must be apprehended and held accountable for their cowardly actions.  Through public discussion there is hope the suspect’s identity will be revealed and law enforcement will have their day in bringing justice to these families.

If you know this suspect please contact law enforcement immediately by the telephone number or email address provided above.  Never rationalize a tip as not being related!  Someone out there knows this man and that person could be you!IMG_2733