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Abigail Williams & Liberty German: Murdered 2/13/2017 – Delphi Homicide Comment Page August 2019

This page is dedicated to the discussion of the investigation and homicides of Libby German and Abby Williams in Delphi Indiana on February 13, 2017.

There are no restrictions outside of common courtesy. You are welcome to discuss facts, rumors, gossip, theories, speculation, etc. Please use discretion when posting suspect photos or using the names of potential suspects for your own liability concerns.

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Sheryl Powell – Vanished in Seven Minutes – Inyo County, CA – July 12, 2019

What happened to Sheryl Powell and her Yorkiepoo, Miley, in just seven minutes? 60 year old Sheryl Powell and her husband, Joe Powell, had chosen a campsite a mile from the Grandview Campground in Bishop CA around 2pm that Friday.  Sheryl and Miley exited the vehicle while Joe repositioned their Jeep.  He estimates that it took him around seven minutes to move the vehicle. During those seven minutes Sheryl and Miley vanished.

Joe searched for the pair for an hour before contacting authorities using a satellite device to send an SOS signal. For three days search and rescue teams have searched the area to no avail. The California Air National Guard brought in a Predator Drone with satellite and thermal imaging technology.

The Powell’s chose to setup camp approximately a mile from the Grandview campground.  It’s a remote area with rough terrain.  The campsite was located down a hill and away from the main road.  It was not an established campsite therefore there are no amenities or designated areas for camping.  It’s assumed the couple drove their Jeep off-road to the campsite and Joe later repositioned the vehicle up the hill and closer to the road.




Sheryl is described as an avid and experienced hiker. Her husband has stated that they hike regularly.  Could she have walked off to explore the area while her husband parked the car? Why was he repositioning the car and why did it take seven minutes? In such a remote area wouldn’t they want the vehicle to be close By?

The couple’s 4 lb Yorkiepoo, Miley, was with Sheryl.  Sheryl’s daughter, Farrah, has stated that Miley has an injured leg and cannot run.  It’s unlikely the dog ran and Sheryl followed.  Does the dog bark at strangers and did anyone hear it bark during those minutes?  There are mines in the area.  Could Sheryl and Miley have fallen into a mineshaft?

Joe Powell believes Sheryl may have been abducted. This is a fairly open and quiet area. He seemingly would have heard or saw a vehicle. The campsite is extremely remote and surrounded by dangerous terrain. The nearest town is Big Pine CA which is an hour away.  What are the odds that anyone willing and able to abduct a woman and dog would be right there at that spot…at that moment…and could make their escape in mere minutes?  They would have had to make that decisions and act on it within seconds.


Sheryl’s footprints were found at the makeshift campsite.  It’s unknown if the footprints led away from the camping area.

If you have information in the disappearance of Sheryl Powell please contact the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office.

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Delphi Homicides – New Sketch & a Vehicle of Interest Leads to New Theories

Abby Williams and Libby German were murdered on February 13th, 2017. Libby captured video and audio of her killer as he approached the teens and led them to the wooded area in which their bodies were found. This video was later recovered by investigators and released publicly. Two sketches of the suspect were also released.

Investigators released the first suspect sketch just weeks after the homicides. The second suspect sketch, which was actually composed first and held back, was released over two years after the murders. Yet both sketches are of the same suspect described as being 5’6-5’10 in height, 160-220 lbs, reddish-brown hair, wearing blue jeans, a blue jacket, a hoodie and a cap of some type.

The second sketch released depicted a younger looking suspect that appears to be clean shaven. This sketch is allegedly connected to a potential vehicle of interest described as being abandoned in the old Welfare building’ s parking lot and was seen between the hours of 2-5pm on February 13th, 2017.

What we know to be fact:

  • There is a vehicle of interest thought to have been abandoned in a nearby parking lot
  • Investigators stated that the suspect walked a great distance from the crime scene
  • Investigators searched for witnesses that saw a man hitchhiking along the Hoosier Heartland Highway around the time of the homicides
  • Investigators asked if anyone witnessed someone placing a duffel bag along the side of the highway
  • Investigators asked if anyone witnessed anything suspicious in the Kokomo or Logansport areas the night of the homicides
  • Investigators believe the suspect is from the area, is familiar with the area or was passing through the area
  • Witnesses stated they had a confrontation with the suspect depicted in the video three weeks prior to the homicides along the same trail

How do these facts add up? What theory can tie all of these facts together?

One such theory: The suspect was traveling through the Delphi area three -four weeks prior to the homicides for an unknown purpose when his vehicle broke down. He was able to park the vehicle in the old Welfare building parking lot. He didn’t have the funds to make a repair and either did not know anyone who could assist or had no way to communicate to ask for help.

The suspect then ventured onto the nearby trail and local businesses to ask passerby for cash. He was sitting at the trail bench when the first witnesses came into contact with him. Down on his luck and living out of the vehicle he asked the witnesses for cash. They rebuked him and a minor confrontation ensued. He was described as being “dirty” and a “hobo” consistent with someone who was homeless or living from a vehicle.

Three weeks later Abby and Libby take to the trails and encounter the same man. Perhaps he asked them for money. The girls rebuke him and he becomes confrontational. The girls hurry along the trail to distance themselves from the man. As they cross the bridge he quickly gains ground and is able to take control of the teens.

After the homicides the suspect heads back to his vehicle to retrieve his duffel bag. He has to leave the area in a hurry and heads down the Hoosier Heartland Highway towards Kokomo/Logansport attempting to hitch a ride. At some point he either received a ride or was witnessed walking and carrying the duffel bag. At some point later he was witnessed again without the duffel bag leading investigators to believe he placed it along the highway during his walk.

Where is the vehicle? Was the vehicle abandoned long term or only during the hours of the homicides? Was it towed and by whom? If it was towed, why haven’t investigators been able to trace the owner? Was it a stolen vehicle or unregistered?

Why was the suspect in the area? Does he live locally? Was he carrying a duffel bag because he had been or was going to be visiting someone locally? Was he only passing through the area? Did he already live out of the vehicle and happened to break down near the trails? If he walked towards Kokomo/Logansport, was that his original direction prior to the car suffering alleged mechanical problems?

The puzzle is coming together piece by piece. Someone knows the key information that will tie the suspect to the area during the time of the homicides. Someone knows that their family member or friend had car troubles during this range of time. Someone was responsible for removing the vehicle at some point from this parking lot.

If you have any information on the suspect or vehicle contact the tip line, Delphi police department, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, the Indiana State police or the FBI immediately!

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Breaking News in the Angie Housman Case!


There will be a news conference at the St. Charles County Courthouse tomorrow at 3:00pm CST discussing new developments.  I’m told that Angie’s killer has been identified!  St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar will reveal the suspect’s name tomorrow.

At this time, all I’m told is that he has a long criminal history, is currently in prison and was an alleged associate of Angie’s stepfather, Ron Bone.

The wonderful ladies at Angie Houseman’s Angels for Justice have been so dedicated to this case! I truly believe that this case would not be solved without their hard work. They pushed and pushed this case and made sure it stayed relevant. I’m so happy they will be able to announce this guy’s name tomorrow!

This blog post will be updated as developments continue.

I will not reveal the name of Angie’s killer as it is not my place to do so.  I will only say that he’s a 61 yr old former construction worker and pedophile/sex offender who would have come into contact with Angie in the neighborhood.  The suspect was identified when investigators submitted DNA into CODIS in March 2019.

The suspect is currently serving time in the Butner Federal Correctional Center in Butner NC on charges relating to child pornography and Attempted Enticement of a Minor to Travel in Interstate Commerce for Sexual Activity.  He was to be released in 2011 after serving a 120 month sentence but has been held indefinitely upon certification of being a ‘sexually dangerous person’.  As well, he was court martialed in 1982  and charged for molesting four girls, between the ages of 8 – 11, in his care while stationed in Germany.

847E8764-D02D-4682-A821-BE1BBA41FC6F.jpegAngie’s killer lived only blocks away from her home and the area of her abduction

Angie’s alleged killer was found to have over 45,000 images and videos of child pornography.  He was determined to use a code name ‘Wizard’ and was the administrator of international child pornography site Shadowz Brotherhood.  This finding led to the arrests of several other child predators in Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada.

He received a psychological review and was diagnosed with Hebephilia and Pedophilia.


The suspect spent most of his life in the St. Louis area.  He lived in Salem MO for a brief period in 2001.  Then moved to Monument CO sometime after 2003.

At the time of Angie’s murder it’s believed he occasionally lived with his Mother at the corner of Wismer Rd and Benson St in St. Ann MO, just miles from Angie’s home and the site of her abduction.  During this time the suspect also had brief ties to a mobile home on Dorie Dr in O’Fallon MO which is just miles from the location Angie’s body was discovered.

It’s alleged that the suspect worked in construction in 1993.  It’s unknown if he lived in the Dorie Dr mobile home alone or with others.  Is this the home in which Angie was held captive during those nine days?  If he worked in construction there’s also the possibility he had access to homes that were unoccupied.

Reportedly the suspect is not cooperating with investigators.


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Two Sketches – ONE Delphi Suspect

Suspect description: White male, 5’6 – 5’10, 180 – 220lbs, reddish brown hair.

The suspect depicted in the above sketches is the same man. This man is the only suspect in the double homicide of Abigail Williams and Liberty German in Delphi Indiana. The teens were reported missing on February 13th, 2017. Their bodies were located by searchers the following day near the bank of Deer Creek and adjacent to the Monon High Bridge Trail, the area the girls had been hiking when they disappeared.

How accurate are police sketches?

A suspect sketch is a representation of a witness’s perception of how the perpetrator looked. Police sketches are only as good as a witness’s ability to recall details and then relay those details to the forensic artist. The forensic artist must then be able to translate those memories into a useful sketch.

Witness accounts can vary widely and are often inaccurate. Some studies suggest that police sketches have a less than 20% accuracy rate. Studies have indicated that witnesses often focus on the upper half of the face. Witnesses often provide a good general description of a suspect but fail to describe eye color, hair color or style, complexion and face shape. Witnesses who provide an inaccurate sketch are still likely to successfully identify a suspect in a police lineup.

This sketch artist, Lois Gibson, has been amazingly accurate which led to the identification of over 1000 suspects.

Other sketches are not as accurate: Worst Police Sketches

Typically, a suspect sketch is released to renew public interest in a case. Investigators do not expect the public to identify a suspect based solely on the sketch as the sketch is not a photograph. Instead, they ask the public to concentrate on facial features. Is there a long chin, high cheekbones, a birthmark, wide-set eyes, etc? Someone known to the suspect may recognize a combination of a birthmark and a bulbous nose as an example.

In the Delphi case, a sketch of a suspect (top image) was released weeks after the homicides. This sketch depicts a seemingly middle aged man with a square jaw, facial hair, high cheekbones, a wide nose, dimples and medium length wavy hair covered by a cap. A second suspect sketch was released two years later. This sketch depicts a younger man, clean shaven, angled long chin, a narrower nose, less prominent cheekbones and curly hair with no cap.

These two sketches appear to be two completely different suspects. However, they are in fact sketches of the same man. The differing features may be attributable to varying witness accounts or the interpretations made by the forensic artist. Witnesses all saw a man with reddish brown hair who stood 5’6 – 5’10 and weighed in the range of 180 – 220 lbs. Witnesses recognized the suspect as the man captured on Liberty German’s cell phone video.

The suspect remains unidentified.

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The Delphi Case – What Doesn’t Add Up

If you are here then you are likely familiar with the Delphi case. If you don’t know the ins and outs then there are many pages on this blog to catch you up and I recommend not only reading the blog posts, but more importantly, read all of the comments. That’s where the real discussion is.

We’ve recently been told by investigators that the first suspect sketch is not the killer of Abby and Libby. The guy we’ve discussed for years is not the guy they are looking for. They say that new evidence and new intelligence has pointed them in this direction.

It doesn’t add up. Something here is not making sense.

We were told told that the first sketch was a collaboration of several witnesses who saw the suspect in the area at the time of the homicides. Witnesses described passing him on the trail and feeling a bad vibe. One witness spoke to him and felt uneasy. Numerous people described a guy they felt was the guy in the video who we were then told was the killer. If he’s not the killer then who was that guy?

Sgt. Holeman discussing the audio on Libby’s phone and witnesses who developed the original sketch.

One of those witnesses was never comfortable with that sketch. This is why we were told to ignore the hat and concentrate on the face. Did this person create the newly released sketch?

It’s possible that investigators have tested the suspect’s DNA for a familial match. As of June 2018 they had not yet done so but were at least discussing the idea.

Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby on familial DNA testing in the Delphi case

We can see the video. We see that there is something white around his neck. A witness said it was a white scarf or neck covering of some sort. So, were there two men on the trail that day in similar clothing to that of the guy in the video and they both wore white scarf? What are the odds?

Why isn’t there a hat in the newly released sketch? Or facial hair? Again, we can see the video. The suspect is wearing a hat and appears to have facial hair. Witnesses described seeing the suspect wearing a hat and having facial hair. They said he was around 5’6-5’8 with reddish brown hair.

As soon as the video was released a man posted to Facebook that he had seen that guy before. He gave an account of a man he saw on the trail three weeks prior. The man was described as a ‘hobo’ and dirty. The guy said he and friends were walking along the trail when they encountered a man on the bench. The ‘hobo’ asked him for money. He replied that he didn’t have any. The ‘hobo’ retorted back “the shit you don’t” and then became confrontational to the point the guy had to push him back. This ‘hobo’ was described as wearing the same clothes as the guy in the video. He stated that the guy had reddish brown hair with a little grey in the goatee. (The man’s witness account can be found on the Truthtellers photo page)

Investigators said in the beginning that there was “a twist”. We do not know what that twist is. Does that twist now make more sense with a new suspect?

Mike Patty’s statement in regards to Libby’s phone pinging all over town.

Mike Patty stated in the early morning hours of February 14th that Libby’s phone ‘pinged all over town’. That the phone’s battery either died or was powered off just hours before his interview. Was he misinformed or did the phone really ping all over town? Pinging all over town means that the phone physically traveled through town. Yet we know the phone was found in the vicinity of the bodies. So either Mr. Patty was misinformed, which is unlikely, or that phone left the crime scene and was later returned.

Originally we were given a much older age range. The age range on the new sketch is a man in his 20’s or 30’s. It’s unclear who determined the first suspect’s age.

Investigators believe that the suspect may be connected to a vehicle that was abandoned at the CPS/DCS/Welfare building. The vehicle was seen between the hours of Noon-5:00pm on February 13, 2017.

Depicted is the CPS/DCS/Welfare building on February 14th.

There are always more questions than answers. It just doesn’t add up that there was a suspicious guy with a bad vibe on the trail that day AND a killer! Two different men that eerily must look like the suspect we see in the video, both wearing the same clothing, both with a white covering on their neck, both apparently walking from afar as no vehicle has been tied to the original suspect.

How is it that numerous people on the trail that day saw the guy in the video, who we know is the killer, gave what investigators believed was an accurate sketch and now we do a complete turnaround and say that all of those witnesses were wrong? It doesn’t add up.

In the end, it’s not up to us to decide. The multi-agency task force working on the Delphi case is certain that the new sketch accurately depicts the face of the man who killed Abby and Libby. We must trust their sources and investigative techniques. We can do our part by sharing the newly released information and report anything we can recall from the time period surrounding that fateful day to the tip-line.

The FBI is also looking for anyone who may have changed their regular behavior after Feb. 13th. Try to remember anybody who:

  • Has a different sleep pattern now
  • Started abusing drugs or alcohol when they wouldn’t have beforehand
  • Has become anxious or irritable
  • Has followed this case and what the media is releasing with a sense that is “not normal”
  • Has been having ongoing conversations about where they were on Feb. 13

You can view the updated audio and video clip here: FBI Delphi Suspect Update

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Have We Been Looking For the Wrong Suspect All Along? Astounding News From the ISP on the Delphi Case!

Update:  You can view the Delphi suspect video in super slow motion here:  Slow Motion Suspect Video

Indiana State Police have now stated that the sketch widely known as BG (Bridge Guy) is the wrong guy! The sketch released this week is the new focus of the investigation. One witness saw a younger man that fateful day and gave a police sketch artist a witness account just three days later that led to the recently released sketch.

On February 13th 2017, Abigail Williams and Liberty German were approached by a man on the Monon High Bridge in Delphi IN. Around 2:35pm a man the girls allegedly described as ‘creepy guy’ honed in telling the teens “guys…(inaudible) go down the hill”. Unknown to the man, we assume, Liberty turned on her cell phone video recorder and captured the image and voice of her killer.

The suspect presumably led the girls down a hill, across a creek and around 50 ft into the tree line where they were savagely murdered. Searchers found their bodies the next day around Noon.

Immediately after the homicides investigators released three still images of the suspect from Libby’s video along with a short audio clip of the suspect saying “down the hill”. In July a suspect sketch was released. This sketch was drawn based upon numerous witness accounts from the trail area that day.

Now, over two years later, investigators have changed direction in the investigation. On Monday a new sketch was released along with an extended audio clip that added “guys” to the previously released clip. They also asked the public about a car that was parked at an abandoned CPS/Welfare building near the trail during the time of the murders. Investigators stated that new information and intelligence has led them to change direction and gave warning directly to the suspect that they are coming for him.

Investigators now believe the suspect is local. If he doesn’t currently live in Delphi then he either did at one time or he frequents the area, according to Carter. He’s been ‘hiding in plain site’ we are told. Might have even been at the news conference on Monday.

ISP Superintendent Doug Carter also revealed that investigators were looking for the owner of a vehicle abandoned on the east side of County Road 300 North next to the Hoosier Heartland Highway between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m on Feb. 13, 2017. The vehicle was parked at the old CPS/Welfare building. A vehicle description was not made public.

Two days after the news conference investigators are telling us that they had it all wrong. They had dismissed the original witness account that described a much younger man. They’ve focused on the prior suspect description for over two years. That description had them looking for a much older man. We are now told that the original sketch is not the killer of Abby and Libby. This new man depicted in the new sketch is the killer.

What are we to believe? We searched high and low for the man we thought was the suspect for over two years. Why were investigators so certain he was the guy? We have video of the suspect. Did the witnesses describe the same clothing as seen in the video? Did they assume he had changed clothing? What about the reports of the suspect ‘walking a great distance’ and the guy who may have placed a duffel bag along the highway? If that guy wasn’t the killer then who was he?

We are to believe that possibly the real killer abandoned his vehicle in an empty lot near the trail. Did it break down? Was the suspect going for a walk while he waited for help to arrive or for the engine to cool down? Did he abandon it temporarily or long term? Did he retrieve it or was it later towed as an abandoned vehicle? What type of vehicle was it? Can it be seen on the RTV6 video taken by a helicopter the day the bodies were found? Did he intentionally park there to search for a victim along the wooded trail?

Why wasn’t the witness, who contributed to this newly released sketch, taken seriously? What did he or she see? Are we to believe that he or she saw the suspect without a hat and with no facial hair? We have no new witness description. Only a sketch. How tall is he? What color are his eyes? What color is his hair? What does he weigh? Who are we looking for?

What was the new information leading to the change in direction? Did someone claim they heard a confession? Did someone remember something they had forgotten? Was new evidence found? Was there a DNA match? Do they know who the suspect is and were they talking directly to him at the news conference? Are they hoping for a confession now that they have the right guy?

Investigators know more than I do. I can only reason with what I see. I see a thin Caucasian man walking towards the girls. He’s wearing tattered jeans as you can see the holes on the knees. He has on a blue jacket with what appears to be a brown hoodie and a tan/brown waist pack of some sort. He has on a hat. I cannot see his face clearly or his hair. But it does appear that he may have a mustache at least. Perhaps high cheekbones. For me, the original sketch looks a lot like the guy in the video. Perhaps it did to investigators also.

We have a new focus now. A younger suspect. We can assume he may have driven a car to a parking lot not far from the trail. He wears tattered jeans. According to the sketch, he has curly hair.

Despite the new sketch, we can actually see this suspect. We now have a video clip of him walking. If he’s local then someone certainly knows who this man is. Who do you know that wears jeans with holes in them? Who had a blue jacket in February 2017? Who owns a waist pack? Who do you see on these local trails regularly or semi-regularly? Do you recall anyone who might have called looking for help with their car that day or that was late due to car problems? Do you know anyone who could not account for his time on that day? Did someone drastically change their appearance after this day? Has someone been acting out since that time…maybe drinking more, appearing agitated or anxious, depressed? Does someone mysteriously hint to ‘things they’ve done’?

In the early morning hours of February 14th, while searchers were gathering in downtown Delphi, Mike Patty, Libby’s Grandfather, made a statement to reporters during an interview. He said that investigators pinged Libby’s phone and it had pinged ‘all over town’ and then only died or was powered off a couple of hours before his interview. Then much later in the investigation we were told that Libby’s phone was found in the area of the bodies. Was Mike Patty mistaken when he said that the phone had pinged all over town? A phone’s pinged location has nothing to do with what tower it pinged from. A ping traces a phone to its location regardless of which tower picked up the ping. Could it be that the killer took Libby’s phone, spent some time heading through town with it before powering it off, then returned on the 14th to the general crime scene area and left the phone nearby? Why would the phone ping all over town unless it actually traveled through town?

Investigators would like you to concentrate on these facts in regards to the two sketches:
• They are not the same person
• The person depicted in the originally released sketch is not presently a person of interest in this investigation
• The sketch released on April 22nd is representative of the face of the person captured in the video on Liberty German’s cell phone as he was walking on the high bridge
• The person in the sketch released April 22nd is described as having a youthful appearance, but could fall in the age range from his 20’s to late 30’s
• This person’s appearance could look different today if he has grown a mustache, beard or let his hair grow longer or cut his hair shorter than depicted in the sketch

If you know this man call or email the tip-line: 844-459-5786 or

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ISP Releases New Information Related to the Delphi IN Homicides of Abigail Williams & Liberty German

ISP’s Doug Carter spoke today on the Delphi double homicide case. A new suspect sketch was released. Also released was a portion of video showing the suspect walking along the bridge just moments before he approached Abigail Williams and Liberty German and a short audio clip of the suspect’s voice.

Investigators now believe the suspect is between the ages of 18-40 years of age. They believe he is from Delphi or frequents the Delphi area often. The suspect may be related to a vehicle that was broken down and abandoned along the Hoosier Heartland Highway on February 13th, 2017.

Updates will be provided along with additional links as they are available.

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Delphi IN: ISP Announce a New Direction in the Double Homicide of Liberty German and Abigail Williams

Another link for today’s news coverage: Here

The news conference will take place at 12pm EDT, 11am CST or 9am PDT.

I’ve received unconfirmed reports that the new information is an updated sketch.  We will see!


Indiana State Police have announced a scheduled news conference on Monday in which investigators will release ‘significant news’. Investigators will also discuss the ‘new direction’ the investigation will take.

The news conference will take place at Noon on Monday and can be viewed live on WHTR .

Investigators will not answer questions.

We can only speculate what new information will be released and where the case will turn.

Investigators may have been able to connect a known POI to the case. Daniel Nations and Thomas Bruce were both an interest to investigators. Nations was a suspect in the homicide of Timothy Watkins. There were numerous similarities between the Watkins and Delphi cases according to a Teller County PR spokesperson. Both cases involved a victim that was murdered and then partially concealed along a trail system. This is an unusual disposal method according to the FBI. Nations had connections to both areas.

Thomas Bruce sexually assaulted two females and murdered a third female at a Catholic Supply Store in Ballwin MO. There were many similarities in the Ballwin and Delphi cases. Both attacks included multiple female victims. Both Bruce and the Delphi suspect allegedly carried out their attacks with a confident and controlling demeanor. Bruce has taunted investigators by stating “you have no idea what I’ve done”, alluding to additional crimes. He was later charged with a home invasion and assault in another St. Louis suburb. Investigators believe he’s guilty of other assaults and homicides. Bruce has no known connections to Delphi IN.

A new sketch is a possibility. Investigators had revealed that they consider the sketch to be accurate but that one witness didn’t agree on some elements of the sketch. It’s not unusual for investigators to release more than one sketch as they interview additional witness or fine tune witness accounts.

Investigators have revealed that there is more audio than what’s been publicly released. Some family members were able to listen in to a portion of audio taken in the moments between the time Libby began recording and the suspect making the initial contact. Releasing additional audio may allow the suspect’s family member, friend or co-worker to recognize the voice.

It’s possible that investigators have circled back and re-interviewed prior potential suspects. Those interviews may have revealed a motive or a led to a new pool of potential suspects.

We know that the suspect “walked a great distance” after committing the homicides. Investigators were asking for the public’s help in recalling anyone that may have placed a duffel bag along the highway or witnessed any unusual or suspicious activity in Logansport or Kokomo. These statements would suggest that the suspect may be a drifter, a hitchhiker or a truck driver. Perhaps confirming that they are indeed looking for a suspect that’s a transient or truck driver would lead to additional tips. However, I wouldn’t expect this type of information to ever be released publicly as it could lead to vigilante justice and/or place sleuthers in harms way.

There has been contradictory information released in regards to suspect DNA. Some reports state that suspect DNA was recovered and other reports lead the public to believe that, while there is DNA, perhaps the suspect’s DNA has not been isolated. Isolating suspect DNA would be a major step towards pinpointing a suspect.

Perhaps investigators have decided in favor of using the services of Parabon NanoLabs and now have a DNA phenotyping image of the suspect. The ‘new direction’ could be a familial DNA search using various genealogy databases. Investigators are doing a great injustice to the victims, family and public if they do have suspect DNA and are not using the services of Parabon NanoLabs.

Suspect DNA may have matched another case. This would be beneficial because investigators will have those case files to add details to fill in some of the blanks.

It’s been reported that the press conference will not reveal a suspect name. However, it’s not at all unusual for investigators to schedule a press conference days in advance of announcing an arrest. This gives time to file charges as the announcement is being made, tie up loose ends and prepare details for public release, particularly in a high profile case.

We know that an FBI profile was given to investigators but was never released publicly. It’s unlikely they will release that profile at this time.

There are rumors that the suspect’s body was found in an abandoned home in Gary IN. It’s very likely that the suspect does take refuge in abandoned homes. Transients do often parish for various reasons and are found in abandoned structures. It’s highly unlikely this is what has happened in this case. The public can obtain information in regards to bodies found. Reporters would easily be able to gather details and report this information. Investigators would have a tough time keeping this information from being scrutinized publicly.

On Monday we will have our answers! This will mark an exciting new chapter in this investigation. The release of ‘significant news’ is sure to draw much needed attention to this case and, if still necessary, lead to additional tips. The circle is becoming smaller and the Delphi suspect will be uncovered!

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When You Identify Serial Rapists You Identify Serial Killers – Were Abby & Libby Victims of a Serial Killer?

As an FBI friend recently told me…when you identify serial rapists you identify serial killers. And according to FBI BAU agent Roy Hazelwood, “Serial rapists kill far more people than serial killers”. This was a primary talking point at the FBI BAU conference in 2018. Since that time a nationwide effort has been made to identify serial rapists by DNA testing backlogged rape kits.

Cyrus R. Vance Jr. agreed. The Manhattan District Attorney committed $38 million in forfeiture money to assist other jurisdictions with the testing of backlogged rape kits. This initiative led to the testing of 55,000 rape kits in 32 law enforcement jurisdictions across 20 states. Around half of these DNA samples were viable enough to be added into CODIS. 9,200 matched an offender already in the system. There have been 165 prosecutions and 64 convictions to date.

Among these kits was that of a 14 yr old female who had been raped in Memphis TN in 1997. A man had knocked on the door of a residence, pulled a gun on the occupants and forced his way inside. He tied up two women and raped the teen. While the rape kit testing did not reveal a suspect name, the DNA did match an unknown serial killer. Genevieve Zitricki had been raped and murdered in South Carolina in 1990. In 1998, Sheri Scherer was murdered and her 12 yr old daughter Megan was raped and murdered in Portageville MO. Parabon NanoLabs later aided in the identification of serial rapist/killer Robert Brashers in these three incidents as well as shooting in Dyersburg TN.

According to End the Backlog, New York City was one of the first jurisdictions to eliminate the backlog of its rape kits. They now test every rape kit regardless of the case status. Other jurisdictions such as Memphis, Cleveland and Detroit have also began testing backlogged kits and those of current cases. It’s estimated that each kit costs around $1000-1500 to test which is a strain for many municipalities.

Could the testing of backlogged rape kits lead Delphi IN investigators to the suspect in the unsolved double homicide case of Abigail Williams and Liberty German? On February 13th, 2017, the two teens were brutally murdered along a trail at the Monon High Bridge. It’s rumored that at least one of the girls was found partially unclothed. It’s unknown if a sexual assault was a motive. Liberty videotaped the man believed to be her killer just moments before her death.

While investigators have not released an official motive it’s reasonable to believe that a double homicide involving a single man on a desolate trail who abducts and murders two teen girls had a sexual component. Audio from the videotape revealed a man who was calm and controlled. The homicides were horrific. This was likely not a first-time offense for this killer.

DNA evidence has not led to an arrest or a named suspect. The FBI profile has never been released to the public, however, FBI profiling statistics are readily available.

The following **statistics were taken from a research project by the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) which is a component of the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG), located at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. FBI researchers spent five years studying the case files of solved serial killings. A database was created from this study to allow investigators to identify a number of situational factors based upon the particular body disposal pathway. Some of these factors include the approach an offender used to gain access to a victim, the motivation involved in the crime and the nature of the relationship between the offender and the victim.

The FBI has two typologies for serial rapes that end in murders. Power rapists and anger rapists. These two typologies were then broken down further.

“A power-assertive rape/murder was planned as a rape but then escalated to murder because the offender either wanted to increase his control of the victim, and/or the victim was killed to eliminate resistance by the victim, and/or to increase the offender’s feeling of power. The power-reassurance rapist/murderer planned only the rape, but committed the murder when his “seduction” of the victim failed. The anger-retaliatory rape murderer planned both the rape and the murder. The murder allowed the offender to vent his anger by killing the victim, and providing him with revenge on a symbolic target. The anger-excitation rapist/murderer raped and killed the victim sadistically to gratify himself . In this category the rape and torture of the live victim were what satisfied the offender.”

The FBI further classifies motives: Anger, mental illness, profit and other.

The means to gain access or approach a victim was broken into: Ruse – a trick or a con. Blitz – an immediate physical attack without verbal exchange. Surprise – the attacker capitalized on circumstances, location or timing.

There are various relationships a rapist/killer has with the victim: Stranger, targeted stranger, acquaintance, relative/familial, customer/client.

There are two means of body disposal. Dumped – the body is left in a public area with no concern of discovery. Concealed – left in a body of water, left on the ground, buried in a clandestine location. The goal is to delay the discovery of the body.

Further, a body is then determined to have been left ‘as is’ or ‘displayed’.

Bodies are then determined to be fully dressed, nude, partially nude or redressed.

75% of victims are female. 50% are between the ages of 14-29 yrs of age. 60% of the victims are white.

52% of the killers are white. 70% of these killers have no education beyond high school. 30% of offenders are married. 35% of offenders have served in the U.S. military. 88% have prior misdemeanors. 73% of offenders were under stress at the time of the murder. 32% have a psychiatric disorder, the majority being a personality disorder. 31% murdered strangers. 41% murdered customers/clients.

65% of offenders used a ruse/con to approach their victims. 60% of these murderers had 2-4 victims. 34% of the bodies are found within one day of the murder. 86% of serial killers commit their murders within a 9 yr time span.

Despite popular myths, FBI studies have shown that the majority of serial killers did not escalate violence from their first victim to the last and the number of sex acts per victim were consistent.

81% of serial killings are sexually motivated. 5% for profit. 3% for anger.

Only 49% of sexually motivated homicide victims displayed evidence of sexual contact.

72% of serial killings are intrastate – committed within the serial killer’s comfort zone of their own state. 26% are interstate – committed by long haul truck drivers, drifters who roam from state to state, those who otherwise travel for work and/or move from state to state.

Causes of death: 42% strangulation. 16% blunt force trauma. 12% stab wounds. 12% gunshot wounds. The rest are other/undetermined. (The COD in serial sexual murders differs in this area with gunshot wounds to be the #2 COD)

37% of serial killers brought their own weapon. 63% of offenders drove to the murder site.

DNA is recovered in only 23% of cases (11% in serial sexual murders). 65% of victims are found nude or partially nude. Bindings were used in 29% of cases. 15 cases involved sexual mutilation. 9 had bite marks. 3 cases of writing/carving on the victim. Only 7 cases involved victims that were displayed.

24% of victims came into contact with their killers in a public outdoor area. The majority of serial assaults/killings overall took place in an outdoor public area and the bodies were disposed of in an outdoor public area.

Evidence was destroyed, tampered with or removed from the crime scene in 36% of cases.

58% of offenders took no measures to conceal their identity or avoid leaving evidence at the scene. 8% of offenders wore gloves. 3% wore condoms.

54% of offenders took items from the victim/scene. The majority being clothing, shoes and jewelry.

Case linkage is based upon the following factors: Consistent method of operation, similar choices of victims, common approaches to victims, similar physical and/or sexual interactions, use of similar weapons, similar causes of death, forensic results, geographic locations of murders, temporal aspects including time of day, day of week, and time of year.

Body disposal methods can often determine the characteristics of a serial killer. In this study, 42 serial killers that had a combined 166 victims consistently used the same pathway of disposal for all of their victims. 48 serial killers with a combined 293 victims changed disposal methods between victims. Lastly, 2 serial killers had a combined 22 victims but 2 of these victim’s bodies (one per offender) were never recovered.

44% of victim bodies were left ‘as is’ (65% for serial sexual killers). Their bodies were found in the same place in which they were killed and were not concealed. 25% of offenders transported and dumped their victims. 19% of victim bodies were transported and concealed. 6.5% were left at the site and concealed. 6% were never recovered.

It’s interesting to note that only offenders who changed victim disposal methods between killings had victims that were left at the scene and concealed.

The common characteristics for serial killers who changed body disposal methods between killings: 54% were white. 58% were under the age of 37. 54% had at least a high school education. 65% were not married. 54% were employed at least part-time. 89% had been arrested prior to murder. 67% did not have a military background. 52% did not have a psychiatric diagnosis before their first murder. 42% killed 3-4 victims.

It’s unknown how many serial killers/serial sexual killers murder multiple victims in one single event. While there are many prior and current cases of double homicides of young women there is no readily available public data to effectively pinpoint characteristics you may expect to find in the Delphi suspect.

We can each do our part to assist the victims and families of sexual assault and murder.

Sign the petition here for the Cold Case Accountability Act of 2020. The proposed Cold Case Accountability Act of 2020 aims to support law enforcement so they have the fiscal and human resources to address the American Cold Case Epidemic, victims, and families to include a number of laws that keep law enforcement accountable to families of victims.

Join End the Backlog here:

END THE BACKLOG an initiative of the Joyful Heart Foundation to shine a light on the backlog of untested rape kits throughout the United States. Our goal is to end this injustice by conducting groundbreaking research identifying the extent of the nation’s backlog and best practices for eliminating it, expanding the national dialogue on rape kit testing through increased public awareness, engaging communities and government agencies and officials, and advocating for comprehensive rape kit reform legislation and policies at the local, state, and federal levels. We urge you to learn more about the backlog, where it exists, and why it matters. We invite you to take action and support efforts to test rape kits. Help us send the message that we must take rape seriously.

**For the purposes of this blog post, statistics for serial killers with various motivations are the primary source of data. Independent statistics for serial sexual killers were also included in the study but only listed here in parenthesis if there was a considerable difference. Percentages were rounded up or down when possible. Full details of the study can be found here.

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It’s Been Two Years Since Abby & Libby Were Brutally Murdered Along the Monon High Bridge Trail in Delphi IN – Investigators Need to Release Additional Information or Face a Case Gone Cold

Today marks the two year anniversary of a brutal double homicide in Delphi IN. On that fateful day, the two teens, Liberty German and Abigail Williams, came upon a predator as they walked along the Monon High Bridge Trail. It’s unknown when they first encountered the man. What is known is that he quickly approached girls as they crossed the treacherous High Bridge, somehow gained control of at least one of the girls, then ordered them ‘down the hill’ to their deaths.

Investigators appear to have a solid case. Libby was able to use her cell phone to record the suspect on video. The length of the video and what was seen or heard is largely a mystery to anyone but investigators. The public was given three still photos of the suspect taken from the video as well as a short audio clip in which the suspect is heard ordering the girls to ‘go down the hill’.

Investigators asked the public to keep an eye out for anyone placing a duffle bag along the highway or if anyone saw anything suspicious in Kokomo or Logansport. A sketch of the suspect was released along with a statement that the sketch had been compiled by multiple witnesses. We were told that the suspect ‘walked a great distance’ after the homicides.

Everything else is speculation. We have an idea what time the girls were led down the hill, at approximately 2:37pm. We believe the killer left the crime scene around 3:11pm when Libby’s Father, Derrick, called her cell phone. We know that a handful of witnesses reported seeing the man before and after the girl’s deaths.

A witness believes he saw the same man on the trail just three weeks before the homicides. He was at a bench along the trail that the girls would pass on the day they were murdered. That witness described the man on the bench as being a ‘hobo’ that asked for money and became confrontational when none was given to him.

Allegedly investigators allowed certain family members an opportunity to hear the girls comments as the suspect approached them on the bridge. It’s rumored that the girls were chatting about everyday matters until Abby asked Libby “Is the creepy guy behind me?” to which Libby replied “Mhmmm”. Then it’s been rumored that the clicking of a pistol can be heard before investigators stopped the video.

Leaked Facebook messages from a relative that claimed to have found the girls have given some insight as to what type of killer took the lives of the girls. It was stated that Abby was found with her hood up, arms crossed with a direct stab wound to the chest and at least one stab wound to the neck. Libby was partially unclothed and partially covered with leaves. Her throat had been cut. Both girls were found within a circular tree area just 50 feet away from Deer Creek.


DNA evidence was found. Investigators have been hesitant to confirm or deny what type of evidence was collected or if it’s been confirmed that it’s the suspect’s DNA. It was alluded to months ago that investigators are working with Parabon NanoLabs, a revolutionary genetic lab. An FBI suspect profile was created but was not released to the public.

Despite receiving around 38,000 tips and a $240,000 reward – the suspect is still unidentified. The public has a couple of blurry images, a seconds long audio clip, a general suspect description and a sketch. It’s simply not enough for the identification of the girl’s killer or the right person has not seen it.

Time is critical. Two years have passed. Witnesses memories will fade. Witnesses not yet known to investigators may move away from the area, become incapacitated or die without ever telling their accounts of that day or time period. The public will lose interest. Tips will cease. The case will become cold. In the meantime, a brutal murderer is left to roam the country and seek out other victims.

Investigators release as little information as possible to protect the integrity of the of the investigation. Releasing too many details can and does lead to false confessions. A false confession can absolutely be detrimental to a case.

The Kristina Hickey case is an excellent example of a false confession detailing a case. Christopher Abernathy falsely confessed to raping and murdering Hickey. He spent 30 years in the penitentiary for a crime he never committed. He was later released leaving the case unsolved after 30 years. A case is dead in it’s tracks after being closed for 30 years.

Investigators also rely on tips that involve information only the killer would know. A suspect will often confess details of a crime to inmates, friends or family members. That information will make its way back to investigators who then know they can connect that person to the crime in some way based on intimate details discussed.

How much is too much? How would releasing the FBI suspect profile complicate the case? Is he a woman hater? Is he sadistic? Would this type of killer be a married father who is abusive and controlling of his family? Is he someone that would stand out in a crowd or blend into the community? Would others find him awkward or creepy? Is he going to be charismatic and charming? Is he someone who likely lives in the area or a drifter? Suspect profiles are made for a reason…they lead investigators to narrow their search based on specific characteristics expected of the suspect. This is useful information to the public as well.

Many believe the suspect is local and still lives in the area. If so, then why hasn’t he been identified? Why didn’t someone see his clothing and report that ‘so and so’ is the guy? If he’s local then someone is his family, someone went to school with him, someone works with him, someone sees this guy every day in the community. If there is in fact a solid case then a local would have already been arrested.


It’s much more plausible that the suspect was either in the area temporarily or just passing through. Witnesses saw the suspect that day. They know what he looks like. Witnesses have not identified any known suspects as being the guy they saw that day. The witnesses had never seen the man before that day. Everything points to a drifter on foot or someone who had reason to walk a great distance, carrying a duffle bag and at some point may have had an opportunity to hide evidence along a local interstate.

Why won’t investigators inform the public that they are looking for someone with the characteristics of a drifter? Wouldn’t it be beneficial for the public in general to be focused on someone who walked in and out of the area vs someone living within their community? If they had publicly stated that the suspect is a transient/drifter he would have been arrested already!

When will investigators release additional information that may lead to the arrest of Abby and Libby’s killer? Will they wait until tips run dry and the case is cold? Until the family members have all passed on, never seeing justice served? Until no one remembers the case? Until the suspect himself has died, never being held accountable for this heinous crime? Or, until another young girl has been brutally murdered?

Demand additional information. Demand justice for Abby and Libby. Demand answers.


Tip Line: (844) 459-5786

Indiana State Police: (800) 382-7537

Carroll County Sheriff: (765) 564-2413



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Update: Angie’s killer has been identified! New DNA testing hit a match in CODIS. Angie Housman – St. Ann MO. Abducted, Tortured, Tied to a Tree and Left to Die. 25 Years Later – No Arrests – No Named Suspects. $250k Reward.

Update:  Investigators submitted suspect DNA into CODIS in March 2019.  A match was found.  The suspect is currently serving time for another unknown offense.  St. Charles County Prosecutor, Tim Lohmar, will reveal the identity at a news conference on June 5th at 3pm CST.

The suspect name is known to many and will likely be revealed today.  I will not reveal the suspect’s name as it is not my place to do so.  I will only reveal that he is a 61 yr old former construction worker who occasionally stayed with family in the neighborhood.


A school photo of 9 year old Angie Housman

In the quiet St. Louis suburban town of St. Ann Missouri a sadistic killer lay in wait. It was November 18, 1993. Around 4:00pm 9 year old Angie Housman steps off the school-bus only eight houses down from her home on Wright Ave, where she lived with her Mother and Stepfather, Diane and Ron Bone. Angie was a fourth grader and attended Buder Elementary. The bus-stop was at the corner of St. Gregory Lane and Wright Ave and directly across the street from Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

Angie didn’t have a set after-school routine. Oftentimes she was locked out of the home until a parent arrived. Angie was thought to be, at times, underdressed, unkempt and bedraggled, she struggled to make friends and was quick to seek the attention of others. She was known to be outgoing and friendly, always smiling, ‘starved for attention’ many have stated, often approaching strangers to ask “Are you my friend?”. After departing her bus-stop she sometimes quickly ran home and other times she stopped to play with neighborhood children or visited local businesses to make new ‘friends’. She often spent time at Mary Ridge Park and Schafer Park. On this day, Angie didn’t stop to play with other children and she never arrived home. She along with her blue and white backpack had vanished.

The route from the bus-stop to Angie’s home

Two days prior to the abduction a neighbor reported that she had seen a suspicious bearded man in a long coat in the area in which Angie would later disappear. Angie’s PE teacher, Mr. Hunter, came forward just days after Angie’s disappearance to report that on Wednesday Angie had told him that she would be taking a trip out to the countryside on Thursday with her Uncle. Another potential witness reported seeing a suspicious man in a long coat standing next to a gold vehicle at Mary Ridge Park just minutes before Angie would exit her school-bus. The witness was unable to get the man to look at her and was not able to determine if he had a beard. Others reported seeing a suspicious blue vehicle in the area around that time and reportedly following Angie’s bus.

Was this ‘Uncle’ the bearded man seen nearby? Diane and Ron Bone deny any such Uncle existed nor had there been any plans to visit the countryside on Thursday or any other day.

Investigators believe that Angie left willingly in a vehicle. They believe she knew her abductor to some degree. They will not rule out the possibility that it was a stranger abduction because Angie was exceptionally trusting of strangers and eager to please new ‘friends’.

For seven to nine days Angie was held captive. She was bound, brutalized, bitten, tortured and raped horrifically and repeatedly, possibly by one suspect or possibly by a group of suspects. On the ninth day of her abduction, November 27th, at 10:45am, bow hunters came upon a disturbing sight. A frail naked young girl was bound to a tree with scraps of her own clothing. Her hands were bound behind her back with handcuffs and gray duct tape. Wide gray tape looped around her head covering her eyes and mouth, leaving her nose exposed. She had been gagged with a piece of underpants, possibly her own, prior to the taping. Her wrists had been slit horizontally. A deep cut traversed one thigh. She was covered in scratches, bruises and abrasions. She bled from the horrific rape that had taken place throughout her captivity. Her long brown hair was intact and encased in ice. Piles of ice chips had formed on her body. Her clothing and winter coat were stuffed into a large trash bag along with tje blue and white backpack full of schoolbooks and placed 20-25 feet from her body. Missing was one button from her coat…a small white teddy bear button.

Despite her frail and battered condition, Angie died from exposure to the elements. Hypothermia was the official cause of death. Investigators believe she was tied to the tree on Thanksgiving Day, two days before she was found. It’s alleged she had only perished hours before being found.

The location in which she was found was at the far East point of the August A. Busch Conservation Area in St. Charles County MO. She was bound to a tree only 90 feet behind a sign located midway down Miller School Rd. Only yards from Highway 94. Less than a mile from Interstate 64. While many have speculated about the location being remote, it’s actually in a well traveled area along the route to the local high school and directly adjacent to a popular public commuter parking lot. This particular road was accessible to the public at all hours. While it’s now gated, it was open in 1993 and it was a popular local spot to buy fishing worms from a local man who setup shop at the end of the road. While frequented by hunters, it’s not specific to hunters. The dead-end road was known as a ‘lovers lane’ and party spot for locals.

Angie’s body was found along Miller School Rd, 90 feet off the left side of the roadway, bound to a tree

Miller School Rd is within the yellow circled area located within the Eastern tip of August A. Busch Conservation Area

St. Charles County Crime Lab investigators processed around 150 pieces of evidence. A partial fingerprint was found on the backside of the duct tape. Hair belonging to an unknown canine was found. There was DNA. In 1993 DNA testing was not yet available. In 2013 Investigators submitted numerous articles to a specialized lab in Texas for DNA testing. Additional evidence was sent in for testing in November 2018. It’s unknown what results were returned.

At this point in time investigators have allegedly declined free assistance by Parabon NanoLabs. The lab uses a process called DNA Phenotyping that creates a near photo quality image of a suspect down to facial structure and eye color. As well, the lab uses genealogy experts who use suspect DNA to locate familial DNA matches within a genealogy database. They create a family tree based on suspect DNA and investigators then follow up to narrow down a suspect that can be connected to the victim. Parabon NanoLabs, most notably, assisted in matching DNA in the Golden State Killer cold case leading to the arrest of John DeAngelo.

In the years since Angie’s death many suspects have been investigated, some more promising than others, but there have been no arrests and no official POI’s named. Diane and Ron Bone were cleared early on. Numerous family members and those in their inner circles were interviewed. Over 400 hunters that had hunting permits issued in the area of the August A. Busch Conservation Area were interviewed. A promising suspect that had visited the area from Florida was investigated and determined not to be a primary suspect. Thousands of others were questioned in regards to the case. Investigators have collected samples of urine, pubic hair, DNA, fingerprints and palm prints from both male and female subjects. They’ve collected samples of canine hair. To date, there have been no known matches.

Limited information is known about Angie’s biological Father. His name, although known, has not been released publicly. It is rumored that he had a relationship with his daughter but under the pretense of being a family friend. Diane Bone passed away in November of 2016 and did not confirm a relationship existed between Angie and her biological Father. Her Father is not a suspect.

There has been much speculation about why the killer or killers tied Angie to a tree alive, left to die slowly, naked in the elements. Some investigators believe her killer/killers didn’t want to be responsible for her death. They wanted to be able to say or believe that they did not kill her, that she was alive when they left her there. …That perhaps they were a sadistic rapist but not a killer. She would have likely survived her injuries had she been found.

Angie was murdered by her abductor. This is a homicide case. The person or persons who bound her to that tree were directly responsible for her horrific death. It could be speculated that her killer cut her wrists so that she would bleed out and die quickly but botched the attempt by not cutting deeply enough to sever the artery. Instead, they only partially severed the tendons and cut superficial veins along the surface. The timing of these injuries has not been released publicly.

Suspect witness sketch in the Angie Housman case

No other cases have been connected to Angie’s homicide. Yet it’s inevitable that her killer committed other, likely similar, crimes in the 25 years since Angie’s abduction. This was a sadistic brutal crime against a defenseless child. A person does not wake up one morning and decide they are going to abduct, torture and murder a 9 year old child over a seven-nine day period. This was likely premeditated. He had to have had a place to keep a victim for seven-nine days. He had handcuffs. He had duct tape. He likely worked his way up from lesser sexually motivated crimes to the point of acting out his long awaited sadistic fantasy.

Angie’s killer may have been a complete stranger. Or, he have met her in the days prior, gaining her trust, asking her to call him ‘Uncle’. He may have told her they were taking a ride out to the countryside so that she would get into his vehicle willingly. There is no indication that a struggle took place.

Where was Angie held during her captivity? It’s a 30 minute drive from St. Ann to Miller School Rd, approximately 20 miles in distance. Was this merely a dumping location or did the killer live nearby? Was this the area of ‘countryside’ Angie was told she would visit? The area beyond the conservation land is a country setting and is a popular area of wineries and biker bars. She was found disheveled and dirty. Was she held in someone’s home? Potentially a shed or outbuilding? Maybe a business?

Was the timing of the abduction significant? It was exactly a week before Thanksgiving. Angie was abducted on Thursday, November 18th, around 4:00pm. It’s believed that she was bound to the tree on Thanksgiving Day, exactly seven days after her abduction…Thursday to Thursday. Did he alternate custody of his children with every other week/weekend and needed to remove Angie from the home before his children arrived? Perhaps family would be over on Thanksgiving Day? Did he work in St. Ann and was off work just prior to 4:00pm? Did he target Angie or was she a victim of opportunity? Was she vulnerable due to her willingness to befriend strangers?  Was there one killer or was this horrific act carried out by more than one person?

Until an arrest and conviction takes place there will always be more questions than answers. As with every case, someone has the answers to those questions. Someone knows what happened to Angie that November in 1993.

While considered a cold case, not a day goes by that a local team of sleuthers isn’t making calls, following up on leads, asking questions and demanding justice. Trisha Trout leads a team of local Mothers, Amy Bittner and Debbie Korlinger, who spend countless hours making sure the case continues to progress. Angel’s for Justice has a Facebook Page dedicated to the Angie Housman case. Please follow Angie’s Angels for updates on the case.

A $250,000 reward is offered for the information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the abduction and murder of Angie Housman.

You may report tips to detectives at the St. Ann police department at 314-427-8000 or to the St. Charles County tip-line at 636-949-3002. Anonymous tips can be reported to Crime Stoppers at 866-371-8477.

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Cold Case – Kristina Hickey of Park Forest IL was Murdered in 1984. Her Killer Has Not Been Identified Despite DNA Evidence


On February 11, 2015, Christopher Abernathy, 48, was exonerated in the sexual assault and murder of 15 year old Kristina Hickey of Park Forest IL. In 1985 Abernathy confessed, was charged and later convicted in the October 3, 1984 sexual assault and murder and sentenced to life plus 30 years in the Statesville Correctional Center near Jolliet IL.

Abernathy maintained his innocence and gained representation by the Illinois Innocence Project based at the University of Illinois-Springfield. His attorneys stated that the person who originally accused him had recanted the testimony. Despite a confession, Abernathy’s sentence was vacated when it was determined, in August 2015, that the DNA found on the body of Kristina belonged to an unknown suspect and was not a match to Abernathy. Unknown suspect DNA was found on eight items that were part of the crime scene, including a vaginal swab.

If it was not Abernathy, then who did sexually assault and murder Kristina? Her killer remains unidentified.

On the evening of October 3, 1984, 15 year old Sophomore Kristina Hickey participated in a choir concert at Rich East High School in Park Forest IL. Wearing a pink and white striped dress, pink and white jewelry, a mauve raincoat, grey heels and a grey corduroy purse Kristina left her home at 6:30pm to walk the short distance to the high school. After the concert Kristina made a phone call near the athletic director’s office and then set out to walk back to her home.

Kristina never arrived. Two days later her purse and ID were found in a ditch near the Marshall Field’s shopping center after being shredded by a lawn mower during routine maintenance. Police searched the area and located Kristina’s body within a sloping set of bushes near the front entryway of the Marshall Field’s store, hidden from view.


During Abernathy’s trial it became known that Kristina died as the result of a six inch slash across her throat, ear to ear, that was a complete transection of the throat, trachea and esophagus, severing her jugular vein. She was found lying on her back with her right foot buried under a dirt pile that had accumulated during the struggle as she had thrashed around and fought her attacker. It appeared that sexual assault was the motive. Kristina’s panties and nylons were pulled down around her ankles. There was bruising to the external and interior areas of the vagina. It is suspected that a rape was attempted but failed. There was no sperm present within the vagina although male DNA was later found.

Kristina’s dress had been carefully cut and folded in such a way to expose the left side of her chest from the shoulder to the navel. The right side of her body was fully covered. There was no blood on her dress therefore the dress had been cut and folded away from the chest prior to the injuries. The left bra cup had been cut away and the left bra strap had been cut and then pushed up around her neck. Two stab wounds were inflicted to the center of her chest, just right of her left breast, one superficially and the other deeper, neither were the cause of death.

There were numerous abrasions and bruises to the head, face, shoulder and neck area suggesting that at some point her face had been forcefully slammed into a surface and that her killer may have kneeled across her neck and shoulder. The belt from her coat had been tied around her right wrist and used to pin both arms behind her back.

A security agent for Marshall Field’s testified that the property lights on the night of October 3, 1984 were inoperative and that it was extremely dark in that area on that night.


It’s unknown what path Kristina took from Rich East to Marshall Field’s, where her body was later found, but it’s roughly a 3 mile walk. There is a well worn path that would have led from the back of the school, around a pond and then exits near the Park Forest plaza in which she was found. It’s rumored that some of Kristina’s items were scattered along that path. Kristina’s home was located just beyond the plaza.


Much has changed in the area since 1984 and it’s unknown what types of businesses Kristina would have passed along her route. Did someone intentionally follow Kristina from the choir concert? Was there someone, perhaps homeless, living along the then dense trail? Did she pass someone who saw this as an opportunity to victimize a young woman walking at night? Did she make it safely to the shopping plaza and encountered someone there in the darkness? Perhaps a passing vehicle caught site of a young woman walking alone at night?

According to a news clipping from the time surrounding the murder, investigators state that psychiatrists, likely profilers, believed the suspect is a ‘woman hater’ who failed to carry out the intended rape and will then search for additional victims.


Did another potential victim avert an attack by the same killer? On the very same night, and around the same time, a classmate of Kristina’s, known as KAW, contacted police to state that she was approached by a suspicious African-American male not far from where Kristina was found. KAW had also attended the choir concert. She walked home taking a likely similar path. She was near the intersection of Lakewood and Orchard when a tall muscular African-American male ran towards her. He claimed to have lost his 8 year old niece in nearby Central Park. After stating she had not seen the little girl KAW continued on through the Park Forest co-op housing development. The man followed her. He continued to follow her turn by turn until she reached Fir St. At this time he ran towards her again. KAW then ran across Western and to her home on Choate, escaping her pursuer. This would have placed the African-American male within just blocks of the Marshall Field’s and likely within the path of Kristina. Was it coincidence or could this have been Kristina’s killer?

In 2017 another potential witness, known as SG, came forward. SG had been friends with John Martin in high school. Both lived in Park Forest and attended Rich East in 1984. They often rode their bikes through the Park Forest plaza and were known to get into squabbles with plaza security. The young men had found a hiding place within an area of bushes near the entryway of Marshall Field’s, the same bushy area in which Kristina’s body would be found.

SG recalls going over to John Martin’s home after Kristina had been killer but prior to her body being discovered. SG noted that Martin would physically not leave his home during this time. After the body was discovered, SG commented to Martin that it was crazy that the body was found in their hiding area. Martin appeared skittish throughout the conversation and the two never hung out again.

On June 22, 1993, Evelyn Pegues, 67, was murdered in her home by John Martin after she refused to lend him money. Pegues suffered 30 stab and slash wounds to her head, neck, shoulders, arms, chest and groin, one of those wounds being a slash to her throat. Prosecutors deemed it a rage killing. Martin was sentenced to life plus 30 years. Could Martin have been Kristina’s killer? Is it a coincidence that Martin was familiar with the bushy area in which Kristina was murdered and later found and then went on to commit such a heinous murder a few years later?

I, myself, had an encounter in the same area the summer before Kristina’s murder. Being 15 ourselves, my friend and I had taken a walk along Flossmoor Rd on a section that crossed over highway 57 and traversed through a forest preserve. We had witnessed what appeared to be a 69′ Camaro, white in color with black striping, drive past. My friend yelled to the man through his open window ‘nice car’. He disappeared down the road seemingly paying no attention to us or the comment. Several moments later, as we had walked to the highway overpass and had already turned around to walk back, we heard a clip-clapping sound behind us. We turned to find this same man with his jeans down around his knees, cowboy boots clinking on the asphalt as he ran towards us. A car drove past at this moment and the man disappeared into the forest preserve. Could we have been victims of a heinous crime had the car not approached? Could this same man have crossed paths with Kristina just weeks later?

Kristina’s killer is still out there. He remains unidentified. Investigators have tested the suspect DNA and entered it into CODIS with no known match therefore it’s unlikely that her killer is incarcerated.

Someone knows what happened to Kristina that October night. Someone has heard this story from someone who knows. It only takes one tip to lead investigators down the right path to an arrest. If you are that person or if you feel you have any information related to the investigation contact the Illinois State Police or Crime-stoppers if you wish to remain anonymous.

Kristina Hickey Memorial Facebook Group

Petition to fast track the cold case of Kristina Hickey








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DNA Testing News


Crime solving through DNA has come a long long way in the past year!  FamilyTreeDNA has agreed to allow the FBI to search their database for familial DNA matches.  They have around 2 million profiles in their database.  

Other companies that allow law enforcement database access are 23andMe, GEDMatch and AncestryDNA.  

If you are unfamiliar with the process… Investigators create a profile on these websites.  They submit the DNA of the suspect for testing.  The DNA testing site then provides investigators with familial matches.  It basically builds a family tree based on who is related to the unknown suspect.  From there it’s up to investigators to narrow down a suspect from that family tree.  

An added benefit is that Trump signed into law the Rapid DNA Act in August 2017. One part of this act gives law enforcement the ability to take a DNA sample at the time of booking and immediately upload that sample into CODIS.  They have results within 90 minutes.  The arrested subject does not have to be convicted in order to take a swab and enter it into the database.  

This is going to take a lot of serial offenders off the streets!  …now if only they can get those tens of thousands of backlogged rape test kits into CODIS we might actually wipe out a significant portion of cold cases!

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Does Time Really Heal a Broken Heart?

They say time heals all but given the vast number of suicides directly related to a breakup, I have to say that it’s often a long long road to recovery.  

People become deeply connected at varying time intervals.  For some it’s love at first sight and for others it’s compounding those deep feelings over years of the ups and downs that are all part of a healthy relationship.  But what happens when that love comes to a sudden and unexpected halt?

“I wonder is there anything I’m going to miss. I wonder how it’s going to be when you don’t know me. How’s it going to be when you’re sure I’m gone. How’s it going to be when there’s no one to talk to. How’s it going to be?” …Third Eye Blind

Over months to years you develop your own unique relationship habits.  Maybe it’s sharing a favorite cup of coffee in the morning, sending each other silly memes throughout the week or a certain way you greet each other.  You know each other on a deep level.  You share things only with each other.  You learn each other’s quirks and you know what they’re thinking before they do.  It’s a familiarity you will only share between the two of you.  

When a relationship ends you’ve not only lost that familiarity with your lover, your best friend, but you’ve lost a part of yourself.  Never again will you share those moments, that familiar feeling, the knowing that comes with a deep connection.  Sure, you will develop new bonds with new people but what ends with each relationship is gone forever, never to be found again.  

“What was it like to lose him? It was like hearing every goodbye ever said to me – said all at once” …Lang Leav

When a relationship ends suddenly you are left with a void, a big empty dark hole in the center of your soul that only that person can fill.  You are devastated – a mixture of hurt, angry, lost, confused, anxious, exhausted, hopeless – often a myriad of hyper emotions.  You can’t eat or sleep.  You may even feel physically ill.  You may be downright frantic.  Where love once was is now a dark dreary spot of outright torturous despair.  Hence – the long long road to recovery.

Healing comes in steps and with each step there is understanding and strength. 

Confusion.  Is it too late?  Can I fix this?  What do I do next?  You may be scared to do anything out of fear that it will further complicate matters.  You may make an attempt to talk it out or at least come to an understanding.  

“This is a thing many people outside your grief cannot understand: that you have not simply lost one person, at one point in time. You have lost their presence in every aspect of your life. Your future has changed as well as your ‘now’” …Megan Devine

Despair.  You are desperate to be whole again, to feel them next to you, to see them smile at you, to feel that closeness that only belongs to one.  You may be desperate for contact, to hear their voice or to physically be near them.  They’ve taken away all control, you feel lost and panicked.  

Anger.  Why?  Why did you stop loving me?  Wasn’t I good enough?  What did I do wrong?  What was it that you wanted me to do?  How could you love me one day and then decide to leave me the next?  Why did you do this to me?  

“I always thought there was something romantic about fighting for someone. About winning them back, eventual happiness. But as I sit here with stones in my chest, where hope used to lie, I have come to the realization that there is nothing lovely about having to continuously convince someone to love you” …S.L.

Grieve.  You allow yourself time to grieve.  You’ve experienced a loss.  As is often said, ‘My dear, the hardest thing you will ever do is to grieve the loss of a person still alive’.  It’s a very difficult realization to know that the person you love is right there within reach but will never lie in your arms again.

Acceptance.  Eventually you will accept the finality of the breakup.  You will know that you did your best and be able to walk away with your head held high.  You’ll know that someday they will feel the loss of you.  Someday they will look back and know you were the one that got away.  They will know you fought for them.  

“I didn’t lose you, you lost me. You’ll search for me inside of everyone you’re with and I won’t be found” …anonymous

Closure.  Now that you’ve had time to find clarity let them know how you feel.  Send an email or write a letter.  Let them know they’ve hurt you.  Remind them of how special you once were to each other.  Tell them you fought for them. Let them know you are OK.  Wish them the best.  Then move on.

Move on as quickly as you can. Be your best self. Hit the gym. Try that new hairstyle. Buy those new shoes. Go on that date. Force it! Let them see what they are missing! Never ever look back.

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U.S. Special Forces Enter Syria in an Effort to Capture al-Baghdadi. Are we capturing al-Baghdadi or are we rescuing him?

U.S. Special Forces have entered Syria to hunt down Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. Is this a similar operation as to when we hunted down Osama bin Laden? Are we really intent on capturing him or are we rescuing him? Many in Syria believe he’s in a besieged area surrounded by Syrian forces who are on the verge of killing/capturing him.

Think about this. Why were we in Syria to begin with? We were there to oust Assad, not to fight ISIS. The Obama admin armed, funded and trained Sunni rebels in Syria, primarily al-Nusra militants, many of which later joined ISIS and the Army of Islam. We have been in Afghanistan since 2001. We continue, even under Trump, to negotiate the freedom of ISIS militants from the Taliban. When Afghan forces capture ISIS militants…they are not treated like prisoners. They are put up in guest accommodations and are allowed to keep their cell phones and other possessions. They are guarded but not because they are prisoners of war but to keep them safe from the Taliban. Why?

As Syrian forces gained control of areas held by ISIS and other Sunni rebels a cease fire was negotiated, in part, by the U.S. Rather than capture or kill ISIS a safe passage was given so that they and their families could be bused into Idlib and then safely allowed to cross into Turkey. Why would the U.S. negotiate a safe passage for a terrorist group that murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrians and took the lives of U.S. troops?

I recently had a discussion with one of our very brave guys who has been part of these teams that enter Syria to gain intelligence. He told me “I was about a year and a half in when I realized we were on the wrong side”. In reference to the U.S. entering Iraq during the Gulf War. We are often on the wrong side we both agreed.

We, the U.S., are pro-Sunni and anti-Shia in almost every instance. 99% of terror groups have one thing in common…they are Sunni fundamentalists. We consider Sunni led Saudi Arabia an ally. We sell them billions in weapons. The Saudi’s fund terrorism…if not directly, then indirectly, by not prosecuting citizens that launder money and funnel it into terror groups.

My new found friend absolutely believes the Trump admin is taking us in a new direction. ….It’s a complicated process. Trump ended the program to fund rebels and oust Assad. He is withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan. The true test…what will happen to al-Baghdadi when we find him? Is he even in Syria? Then, will we finally admit that we’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past and make amends with those we’ve wronged, such as Syria? What price will we pay for our own part in impeding the fight against terrorism?

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What Happened to Brookelyn Farthing?

Brookelyn Farthing was last seen in the early morning hours of June 22nd, 2013 at a home in the 100 block of Dillon Ct in Berea KY, a foreclosed home belonging to an acquaintance, 20 yr old Josh Hensley. The home had no running water and no electricity.

On the evening of June 21st, 18 yr old Brookelyn attended a house party on Red Lick Rd with her sister Paige and a cousin. Around 8:00pm Paige and the cousin left the party. Brookelyn decided to stay with a friend and made plans to stay overnight at that female friend’s home. She had brought an overnight bag in preparation.

Later in the evening Brookelyn and her friend had a falling out when the friend decided to spend the night with a male friend or boyfriend and the friend left the party leaving Brookelyn there. A short time later Brookelyn left that party with Josh Hensley and another male.

Allegedly the three drove out to Floyd Branch Road to see some horses that were connected to Josh. Afterwards the other male was dropped off at his home and Brooklyn and Josh returned to the home on Dillon Ct.

Around 4:00am Brookelyn contacted her sister Paige and asked for a ride. Paige didn’t have a way to pick up Brookelyn as she wasn’t a licensed driver and had no access to a vehicle. At the time Brookelyn didn’t appear to be in distress, according to Paige.

Brookelyn then contacted her ex-boyfriend to ask for a ride. He worked a third shift and said he would pick her up on his way home a little after 7:00am. A short time later, at 4:26am, he received several texts from Brooklyn stating “Please hurry”, “I’m scared” and “Hurry”. The last text, at 5:30am, stated “Nevermind” and then that she was instead going to a party in Rockcastle County. He replied to ask who she was going with but received no reply and he decided she was fine and went home.

Later that afternoon, on June 22nd, family began to worry when Brooklyn missed an important family event. They tracked down her last known whereabouts, Josh’s home, and contacted him. Josh was unknown to the family.

Josh stated that he had returned to his home with Brookelyn, was awkward with her there alone as he was a friend of her ex, so he left to attend to the horses on Floyd Branch Road. He had heard her discussing the party in Rockcastle County. When he left Brooklyn was sitting on his sofa smoking a cigarette.

According to Josh, he returned home around 7:00am to find his home on fire and Brooklyn missing. He then called the fire department. The sofa burned to the frame and was so intense it burned a hole through the floor. Brooklyn’s overnight bag, purse and shoes were left on the porch of the home. Brooklyn and only her cell phone were missing.

Brooklyn was never seen again. Her cell phone went unanswered. The last ping was in the Blue Lick Rd area of Berea which is only minutes from the Dillon Ct home. There was no evidence suggesting that Brookelyn ever spoke with anyone or planned to attend a party in Rockcastle County.

Someone knows where Brookelyn is. Someone knows what happened to her. Calling in a tip is not putting someone away…it’s only pointing investigators in the right direction as they must still have evidence to back up the claim. If you have information, please contact the Kentucky State Police in Richmond at 859-623-2404 or 1-800-222-5555.


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Missing 1/4/19 – Savannah Spurlock – Lexington KY

Update 1/22/19 – Police serve a search warrant on a Garrard home in connection to Savannah’s disappearance.  A small white vehicle was taken for processing.  No arrests were made.

Kentucky State Police, Lexington Police and Richmond Police are searching for 22 year old Savannah Spurlock of Richmond KY. Savannah is the Mother of four young children including newborn twins. She went to a Lexington bar with a friend on Thursday evening and never returned to the home she shared with her Mother. That friend stated that she left the bar and Savannah decided to remain.

The Mother of four was last seen leaving a Lexington KY bar with three men at 2:34am on Friday, January 4th, 2019. Two of the men were seen on video surveillance leaving The Other Bar on 319 South Limestone with Savannah. The third man was not seen on video but was believed to be with the group. It’s believed that the men were parked in a nearby hospital parking garage. A black Chevy S-10 pickup truck was listed as a vehicle of interest in relation to the third man.

An off duty officer, Evan Preston, was working a secondary security job when he spotted the Chevy S-10 on Tuesday evening on Kentucky Highway 52 in Paint Lick. Preston made a probable cause vehicle stop due to the S-10 having a headlight out.

“As soon as I got back up there the second time, he immediately mentioned to me that this was the truck that they were looking for in Lexington, and that he was the person they were questioning. That he was actually on the way to Richmond to make a voluntary statement,” stated Officer Preston.

The potential suspect gave information to police that led to the identification of the other two men. All three men were questioned by Garrard County Police and released with no charges yet filed. The men stated that Savannah left on foot from an undisclosed location in Garrard County prompting a search of the area.

The 22 yr old had contacted her Mother, Ellen Spurlock, by FaceTime between 2:45am – 3:00am to say she would be home in a few hours. According to Spurlock, Savannah was in a moving vehicle with the African-American male driving and a male and female in the backseat that could be seen ‘hollering’ at her during the FaceTime chat.

Savannah’s phone last pinged in the area of the bar and went straight to voicemail after the FaceTime with her Mother.

Shaq Smith, Savannah’s ex-boyfriend and the Father of three of her children has had no contact with Savannah in the time she’s been missing.

Savannah’s Mother stated that Savannah had been struggling through some recent ‘issues’ and had missed her court date on January 8th. The court date was in relation to a DUI received on December 21st. Spurlock doesn’t believe her daughter left on her own free will and believes she’s either being held by someone or is incapacitated and unable to return home.

“She assured me that she would be home by the morning. She promised. She did not come home,” Spurlock said.

Savannah is described as 5′ tall, weighing 140 lbs, brown eyes, shoulder length brown-blonde hair, she has several tattoos including one on the right side of her torso that reads, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me,” and another on her back that reads, “I’m her daughter.” She was last seen wearing a black top and maroon skirt. She was driving a black Buick sedan. The vehicle was located at a friend’s apartment complex and not expected to have been used in relation to her disappearance.

If you have information, that could help find Spurlock call Richmond Police at 859-624-4776 or email information to

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The Delphi Killer – Let’s Take a Leap of Faith & Identify This Guy!

It’s been almost two years since the bodies of Abigail Williams and Liberty German were found in the rural town of Delphi IN. The best friends were reported missing the evening prior, February 13th 2017, near the Monon High Bridge Trail where the girls had been dropped off to spend a couple of hours exploring the trail.

It was an unusual day off from school, an extra snow day not used, and the girls were dropped off by Libby’s sister around 1:30pm and were to be picked up by Libby’s Father, Derrick German around 3:00pm.  As Derrick headed towards the trails he called Libby’s phone around 3:11pm and received her voicemail. At 3:14pm he arrived at the trail area, didn’t see the girls and called again – no answer. There would never be an answer. A search ensued that evening, continued overnight and resumed in the morning on a much larger scale.

The girls bodies were found by civilian volunteers around Noon on a section of private property, only 50 ft from Deer Creek, in a partially hidden area surrounded by trees. It was rumored that the girl’s throats were cut, one being stabbed in the chest, one placed gently with her arms folded and hood placed upon her head and the other, semi-nude and partially buried under leaves and twigs. No official autopsy report has been released and it’s unknown if either was sexually assaulted. It’s unknown if suspect DNA was found at the scene.

It was soon discovered that Libby had used her cell phone to take a Snapchat video of her killer as he approached the girls on the bridge. It’s rumored that the suspect approached the girls around 2:37pm. It’s believed that video contains graphic audio evidence of the abduction and homicides that were to follow. Investigators released a short audio clip of the suspect’s voice as he ordered the girls “down the hill”. Three still photos were taken from the video and publicly released in hopes of identifying the suspect. Weeks later a sketch of the suspect was released. The sketch was allegedly compiled by the statements of several witnesses.

Otherwise, very little information was released by investigators. The various statements that have been released point to the suspect as being a transient or drifter. Among them, it was stated that the suspect had walked a great distance after the murders. Investigators asked anyone seeing a man place a duffle bag along the highway to contact authorities. They asked for people to look for unusual activity in the nearby towns of Kokomo and Logansport, perhaps someone might see someone place items in a dumpster.

Upon release of the suspect photos a potential witness immediately took to Facebook to claim that he had seen this man only three weeks prior on the same trail. He recalled the incident easily as the man had been confrontational. The witness stated that a dirty ‘hobo’ had been on a trail bench and as he and his group passed the man asked him for money. He exclaimed that he didn’t have money, the man stood up and followed closely behind, prompting the witness to give him a push back at which point the man retreated. Another potential witness claimed to have seen a man matching the description of the suspect only 30 -40 minutes after the killings took place near Frankfort IN. The witness saw a man matching the suspect description and carrying a black duffle bag walking along highway 28 towards highway 65. He saw the same man still walking in the same direction a while later. There is a Good to Go truck stop in the area where highways 28 and 65 intersect. Was this the suspect and did he clean up at the truck stop and hitch a ride out of town?

If the Delphi killer is a transient it could explain why he has remained unidentified. He likely has no family or hasn’t seen family in a long time, he probably doesn’t have friends, he may not have many contacts in his daily life…there simply is no one to identify him. He may wander through truck stops, catch the occasional ride from a trucker, ask the random passerby for a handout but transients are the invisible people…they go largely unnoticed. The best chance at identification is to reach that right truck driver, attendant at the truck stop, the passerby who gave him a dollar, the outreach worker who provides necessities to the needy or others who may work in social services or emergency departments and provide help to the less fortunate.

Everything investigators have stated publicly points to a drifter. Witness reports point to a drifter. While investigators have followed up on thousands of tips there are no publicly named persons of interest. The case appears to be leading nowhere. Why not take a leap of faith and as a combined effort target areas that cater to the homeless?

As a combined effort we can blitz the wanted posters to the truck stops, trucking companies, driver groups, social service providers, homeless shelters, churches, emergency rooms, outreach programs, detox centers, etc and get this guy noticed! Someone out there knows who he is and we haven’t found the right group of persons. As a combined effort we can do this! And if it turns out he isn’t a drifter, what harm has come of it? Let’s share the story of Abby and Libby and make it personal to a would-be witness!

If you are interested in participating, state the area you plan to target in the comments below. We will be more effective if we coordinate as much as possible to make sure no geographical areas or agencies are missed.

Let’s do this for Abby and Libby!

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Jayme Closs – The Mystery That Becomes More of a Mystery

Update 01/14/19: Jacob Patterson has confessed to the kidnapping of Jayme Closs and the homicides of her parents, James and Denise Closs. Patterson claims that he saw Jayme board her school bus and immediately knew that was the girl he would take. He then elaborately planned the home invasion.

On Thursday, January 10th, Jayme Closs emerged from a wooded area in the Eau Claire Acres development in Gordon WI to ask for help from a woman walking her dog. It’s stated that Jayme told the woman she was lost and asked for her help, she told the woman her name and that she had been kidnapped by Jacob Patterson and that he had also killed her parents. The two ran to the nearest neighbor’s home and called 911. During this time Jayme told the witnesses that she was held against her will in Patterson’s cabin, which is 70 miles from Barron, the site of Jayme’s abduction. She eluded to the fact that she had been locked up or hidden during her captivity but gave no indication how she managed to escape.

Shortly afterwards a Douglas County Sherrif’s Patrol officer located 21 yr old Jacob Patterson as he drove near the home in which Jayme was held, seemingly unaware that she had escaped.

According to witnesses Jayme was ‘dirty with matted hair, skinny and wore shoes too big for her feet’. Others have since stated that Jayme appears to be of her normal or near normal weight.

As Jayme was taken to a local hospital for an overnight evaluation Patterson was transported to the Barron County Jail where he was charged with one count of kidnapping and two counts of first-degree intentional homicide.

Jayme was released from the hospital on Friday and returned to her family in Barron where she will recover from her ordeal. She will be further interrogated by investigators as she has a chance to settle in with family.

Investigators have stated that there is no known connection between Patterson and the Closs family. A former employer confirmed that Patterson did work at the same Jenny-O plant that James and Denise Closs were employed but for only one day and several years prior. It’s not expected that this is the connection. Investigators have found no evidence that Jayme had any online interaction with Patterson.

It’s clear that Jayme was the target of Patterson…but how and why? For now, the mystery is left to speculation.

Investigators believe that Patterson planned the homicides and kidnapping in great detail. Armed with a shotgun Patterson blasted the front door open. He gunned down James Closs in the doorway and Denise at an unspecified location within the home killing them instantly. Jayme was in some way forced to leave with Patterson. …All in a four minute time frame without ever stepping into the home by more than four feet according to police. Patterson shaved his head as to not leave any DNA behind. There were no fingerprints on shell casings. It’s not believed that any other suspects are involved. It was a lone act carried out by one man.

Many questions remain unanswered. Did Patterson know the floor plan of the home? Did he know the Closses were not only home but awake? Why did he target Jayme? How did he know who she was and what type of interaction led to such an obsession that he would commit a double homicide? Did Patterson spend time in Barron? Did he surveil the home prior to the abduction? Did he stalk Jayme? It’s rumored that a family friend and first responders reported to the Closs home at 10:30pm the same evening they were murdered and Jayme was abducted…did this incident relate to Patterson? Patterson is unemployed. How did he afford a home with its costs of utilities, food, etc? How did he afford gasoline to drive the 140 mile round trip to Barron that night? Jacob’s brother, Erik, had a prior arrest for felony second degree sexual assault against a minor (15 y/o) that was later amended to a fourth degree assault. How is it that two brothers are both sex offenders of minors? Is this related to Jayme’s abduction? Did Patterson use an alias to communicate with Jayme?

It would be a long stretch of the imagination to believe that Patterson had no interaction with Jayme yet come to that home on that night and commit such an atrocious act, one that could earn him life in prison with no chance of parole. There is no death penalty in Wisconsin.

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Investigators Have No Answers in the Disappearance of Jayme Closs or the Murder of Her Parents – Barron WI


Jayme Closs has been found alive and a suspect is in custody!

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Dept, Jayme was located in the Eau Claire Acres, a small development around six miles outside of Gordon WI at 4:43pm. The suspect was taken into custody at 4:54pm. The suspect’s name has not yet been released.

It’s alleged that the area she was located was rural with scattered small hunting cabins.

Few details have been discussed. Jayme’s abductor is 21 years old. Witnesses state that Jayme was dirty and malnourished.

Jayme Closs vanished in the middle of the night.

Someone from the Closs home made a call to the Barron County Sheriff’s 911 service at 12:53 a.m., Monday, October 15th 2018. Sheriff’s deputies arrived within seven minutes to discover James and Denise Closs dead of gunshot wounds. Their 13 year old daughter, Jayme, was not in the home. Jayme would later be listed as missing and endangered.

Thousands of volunteers searched the area. Two vehicles of interest were named and subsequently cleared. A sighting was reported in Miami and later dismissed. A man even broke into the Closs home and was caught stealing items of Jayme’s clothing. Investigators state that the man is not a suspect.

The nation watched as investigators removed items of evidence from the Closs home…a storm door, a broken entry door that had been allegedly kicked on, a small mattress, what appeared to be gun cases and a kitchen chair that appeared to show splintering from potential gunfire. Many thought the chair had ropes tied to its legs leading to speculation that someone had been tied to the chair. Investigators have stated that they called in numerous teams of investigators who combed over the scene four times, each removing evidence that might lead to the killer or killers.

In the weeks following, little is known. Investigators have openly shared their frustration at the lack of evidence. They have revealed that there are no shoe prints, no fingerprints, no DNA and no motive. The 911 call only revealed yelling of which the nature has not been disclosed.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald spoke exclusively  with The Daily Mail’s Laura Collins. Fitzgerald stated that ‘the crime scene both in and around the house was bizarrely in order’ and ‘nothing was out of place’.  He went on to say “It’s very frustrating but if I’m only in your house four minutes and I only step five feet into your house I’m probably not going to leave a big footprint”.

The Daily Mail also interviewed Jayme’s aunts, Jennifer Smith and Susie Allord. Jayme’s aunts believe the answer is right there in Barron County – that someone local knows what happened. They also believe the attack was ‘planned because they were in and out of there in four minutes and left nothing behind’.

Fitzgerald believes Jamie is alive. He doesn’t believe that Jayme had time to struggle with her captor. ‘If I’m the bad guy and I shoot two people, the third person, no matter who that is and probably whatever age they are, are probably going to do what I say because they know I’m capable of killing somebody’. When asked why he believes Jayme is still alive, Fitzgerald reveals ‘There’s no evidence to reveal she was injured at the scene before she was taken. There’s no physical evidence at all’.

Investigators will not reveal what type of gun was used or the caliber as this is something only the killer will know and likely the only thing investigators have determined conclusively from the scene. Around one hundred pieces of evidence have been sent into the crime lab for testing. Of those items, several are bullet or shell casings. The casings could have been the key to solving this crime if the perpetrator had touched the casings to load the weapon.  It was revealed today that no DNA has been found at the scene.

In the meantime, rumors abound. One man took to social media to claim that his friend was called to the Closs home around 10:30pm that Sunday evening. This would be just two hours before neighbors claim they heard two gunshots. The same man also claimed this friend saw Jamie earlier Sunday evening at a local grocery purchasing a large amount of snack type items. The man did not reveal the nature of that call to the home and neither statement has been confirmed to be true.

Others have alluded to the private nature of the Closs’s. No one seems to know much about the family, however, there has been no evidence whatsoever that the Closs’s were anything but your typical middle class family that were dedicated to each other, their careers and their teenage daughter. As speculation loomed that perhaps Jayme herself was somehow involved in her parents deaths, at least two friends spoke out on her behalf stating that Jayme was ‘sweet’ and ‘could never do such a thing’.

Investigators are delving into the intricate details of the Closs’s lives as they look for any tip or clue for a motive or a suspect. If you have any information to offer or any insight into the lives of James, Denise or Jayme’s life please contact the tip line, Barron County Sheriff’s Dept or the FBI. Someone out there has that one piece of information and may not even realize the significance so make that call!

The reward stands at $50,000 for the information leading to Jayme’s location.

Tip Line: 855-744-3879

** As a reminder, you may comment on this story below. Comments are anonymous. You do not need to register, give a real name or email address to leave a comment.


Daily Mail Interview Video

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Kelsey Berreth – Missing 11/22/2018 – Woodland Park CO


Update 12/21/2018:  Patrick Frazee was arrested this morning in relation to the disappearance of Kelsey Barreth.  Investigators state that the case unwinded rapidly in the past 48 hours and they believe Kelsey is no longer alive.  It’s rumored that luminol was used in Kelsey’s home last night.  No word on what charges have been filed. 

Update 12/20/2018:  Investigators received a tip that Frazee was seen disposing of two bags of trash at a local dump.  Investigators seized that ‘trash’.  The find prompted another search of Frazee’s property.  On Thursday evening a crime scene mobile lab was at Kelsey’s home Thursday evening with investigators leaving with bags of unknown evidence. 

Update 12/14/18:  During an afternoon press conference Chief De Young stated that Kelsey’s disappearance is ‘suspicious’.  They do not believe she is intentionally avoiding efforts to find her.  De Young said that Patrick Frazee has not sat down with investigators and is only communicating through his attorney.  He would like for Frazee to give investigators an opportunity  to speak with him as he is the last known person to have seen Kelsey.  A search was conducted today of the home Frazee shares with his Mother.  Investigators removed numerous pieces of evidence from the home and barn.

Clarification:  Many are questioning why it took so long for Kelsey to be reported missing.  It didn’t.  Kelsey’s Mother, Cheryl, knew something was wrong on the 25th, possibly even sooner.  She contacted the Woodland Park PD and they performed a wellness check on the 25th.  It’s my speculation that they knew something didn’t add up and then started investigating at that time.  They certainly pinged Kelsey’s phone right away.  I believe they began looking into the disappearance at that time.

Kelsey is an adult.  Based on Frazee’s story…she told him she was traveling to the Grandmother’s home which was quite a ways away.  She and Frazee had broken up and maybe she did need to get away.  They had to allow her time to arrive.  She didn’t.  It’s not a crime for an adult to take some time out.  By December 2nd it was clear she was not at the Grandmother’s and was therefore officially reported missing.  I have NO doubt that the Woodland Park PD were on the case well before the official missing date.

Update 12/12/18:  Video has been released that shows Kelsey and her one year old daughter entering the Safeway in Woodland Park CO on Thanksgiving Day.   It’s now stated that Kelsey’s fiancée, Patrick Frazee, saw Kelsey later that afternoon when he stopped by Kelsey’s home to pick up their daughter.  The two lived near each other and frequently spent the night together at Frazee’s home.  Kelsey’s Mother, Cheryl, has allegedly been denied visits (by Frazee) to see her granddaughter.

Update 12/11/18:  Per a family member – Kelsey and her Fiancée, Frazee, broke up either the day before or on Thanksgiving.   According to Frazee’s statements to family, Kelsey dropped her daughter off at Frazee’s home and stated that she was going for a visit to her Grandmother’s home in Soap Lake Washington.  The family member alleges that Kelsey told no one of any plans the visit the Grandmother.  Kelsey had contacted no one in the family on that day to tell them she was going to make the drive.  Her vehicles were found at her home.

Kelsey Berreth of Woodland Park CO was officially reported missing by her Mother on December 2, 2018.  Kelsey was seen on Thanksgiving day, November 22nd, at 12:27pm at the local Safeway Grocery store.  Investigators did retrieve video surveillance of Kelsey shopping with her daughter.


Patrick Frazee, Kelsey’s fiancé, was the last known person to see Kelsey on Thanksgiving day when she dropped off their one year old daughter at his home.  Kelsey and Patrick are engaged but have always maintained separate residences.  Their daughter, Kaley, remains in his custody.  Frazee told police that he last saw Kelsey that Thanksgiving Day and then communicated with her again on November 25th and the details of that encounter have not been released.

Kelsey’s Mother, Cheryl Berreth, contacted Woodland Park police on November 25th to ask for a wellness check.  Upon inspection of her home police noted that cold cinnamon rolls were left on the stovetop.  Kelsey’s brown purse appeared to be the only item missing.  According to a family member her makeup and other personal items were located in the home.  Kelsey owns two vehicles and both were located in her driveway and searched by police.

On November 25th a text was received from Kelsey’s phone by her employer, Doss Aviation in Pueblo, informing them that she would not be into work the following week.  Kelsey works at Doss as a flight instructor.  Woodland Park police noted that there is no indication that a plane appears to be associated with her disappearance.

The last ping from Kelsey’s phone originated in Gooding Idaho around 5:13pm on November 25th.  Kelsey’s Mother, Cheryl, is a resident of Laclede ID which is around 580 miles from Gooding.  Gooding ID is around 824 miles from Kelsey’s home in Woodland Park CO.

Woodland Park police held a press conference on Monday, November 10th, in which new information on her timeline was released.  Reporters asked Chief De Young why Frazee was not in attendance at Monday’s news conference, De Young said he was invited but “you would have to ask him why he is not here.”  When asked if Frazee is being cooperative De Young stated “Yes, at this time, yes”.  Frazee’s home has not been searched however De Young stated that it’s not off the table being that it is a missing persons investigation.

When asked why Frazee didn’t report Kelsey missing De Young replied “That’s a question we will have to ask Patrick”.

“She is not the kind that runs off,” an emotional Cheryl Berreth said during the news conference. “This is completely out of character. She loves her God, her family, friends and her job. She is reliable, considerate and honest. Like I said – she doesn’t run off and someone knows where she is at.”


Woodland Park Police are working with the Teller County Sheriff’s Office, The Colorado Bereau of Investigations, Gooding ID police, Colorado 4th District Attorney’s office and the FBI.  The FBI likely entered the investigation as the case involves Kelsey’s phone, and potentially Kelsey, crossing state lines from Colorado and into Idaho.

If you have any information related to Kelsey’s disappearance contact the Woodland Park Police Department at (719) 687-9262.

** As a reminder, there is an area for comments below.  You do not need to register or use your name or email address to leave a comment.  Your comments are absolutely anonymous.  This page is open for discussion.  All theories, speculation, rumors and, of course, facts…are welcomed.  Please be kind and respect others comments.


Link to Kelsey’s official Facebook missing page – helpfindkelsey

Woodland Park CO press conference – Monday, November 10th 2018

Patrick Frazee being confronted outside of an attorney’s office

Social media comments in regards to the case:




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Catholic Supply Store Homicide & Sexual Assault – Ballwin MO – 11/19/2018

Update:  Dashcam video of Bruce as he becomes confrontational with an officer following a road rage incident.  More video will be shown during the 10pm CST broadcast of FOX2 on 12/19/18.

Bruce Police Confrontation on Dashcam

Update:  KSDK St. Louis had released a mugshot and reported that  charges have been filed against Bruce.  That statement was later redacted.  The press conference is at 4:30pm.


Update:  A person of interest has been taken into custody by the St. Louis County Police.  He’s a 53 yr old white male, Thomas Bruce.  Please keep in mind that Bruce is only a person of interest right now.


Update:  The suspect description has been updated.  Posted by the St. Louis County


“Good afternoon. As we continue to investigate the homicide and assault, here is a more detailed description of the suspect: The suspect is a white male, 5’7” to 5’9”, 40 to 50 years of age. At the time of the incident, he was wearing a navy blue Carhartt style work jacket, a plaid shirt, red, white, and black in color, glasses, a brown belt with a red and blue square on the clasp or clip of the belt, and the hat described below.

The hat investigators believe the suspect was wearing is commonly referred to as an ivy hat, Irish hat, newsboys hat, or a flat hat. Exemplar photos of the hat and the jacket are attached.

The suspect remains at large.

Again, no bit of information is too small to report.

Please contact the St. Louis County Police Department at 636-529-8210 to speak to investigators if you have any information regarding the incident.

To remain anonymous or potentially receive a reward, please contact CrimeStoppers at 1-866-371-TIPS(8477) if you have any information regarding the incident.”

On Monday, November 19th, 3:15pm, a man walks into the Catholic Supply store in Ballwin MO and orders four women to the back of the store. At gunpoint he forces the women to strip naked. Allegedly three of these women are sexually assaulted in an unspeakable manner. One woman is shot in the head and later dies of her injuries.

The suspect is not known to the women. He’s described as being 5’7, heavy build, wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, large belt and a black or grey ‘paperboy’ style hat. The suspect may have fled on foot as there is no vehicle of interest.

Who is this man? Is he local to the area? Was he drifting through? There was a youth ministry convention taking place in St. Louis….could he have been in town to attend the conference?

What is his motive? Was this an attack on Catholicism or Christianity or simply a crime of opportunity perpetuated by a sexual sadist?

Where is he now?

This is the hat worn by the suspect as described by witnesses.

This is an updated description of the suspect jacket.


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Delphi – The Renner Interviews

This morning I was made aware of a series of videos made by James Renner, an investigative journalist from Ohio.  He was approached by Kelsi a couple of months earlier at CrimeCon and decided to take a look into the Delphi case. As I make my way through these videos I’m going to comment below to highlight what stood out to me as relevant or new information.

Please feel free to comment on anything that stands out to you!

*Renner uses a 360 degree camera so pan around a little and you can see views from all angles.

Chapter 1: Renner mentions a blurry photo of the suspect taken by Libby. I assume he’s speaking of the still photos LE took of the Snapchat video and he’s not yet familiar enough to know that it was a still from the video?  We will see if that’s clarified later in the series (It’s not).  There is always a possibility that she took a photo of the suspect and the information was never made public although unlikely.

Chapter 2: Renner sits down with Becky and Mike Patty. (These people are saints in my opinion). This chapter is highly informative. Becky and Mike walk through that morning and afternoon of the 13th from the time the girls decided to go to the trail to the time Becky and Anna are at the police station that evening as investigators search for information on their electronic devices.

Derrick passed a guy as he was looking for the girls. This man, who is a witness and not a suspect, stated that he saw ‘two’ under the bridge when Derrick stated he was looking for Abby and Libby.  Who were these two girls under the bridge?  I heard at the beginning of this case that they were classmates.  Did they see the girls or BG? That gives us at least three people who were on the trail and within the bridge area around 3:15-3:30pm.

Becky and someone else (can’t recall who right now- Kelsi?) drove around the area of the trail to see if they saw the girls walking home.  I don’t know the specific time. They do not mention seeing any type of suspect walking around although that doesn’t mean he wasn’t walking or that they didn’t pass someone walking.

Chapter 3:  Becky gives Renner a tour of Libby’s room.  The Patty’s provided a nice home for the girls it appears.

Chapter 4:  The interview with Kelsi. Kelsi states that there were 10-20 kids visible at the trail that day when she dropped Libby and Abby off on the 13th and not as many when they returned to pick up and then later search for the girls. She didn’t see anyone unusual and they were all kids her age.  This is the first I’ve heard of so many being there during that time frame.  That makes me believe that BG was already back on the trail before the girls arrived.  Did any of these kids see him?  Did anyone see him walk out?  This now gives us numerous people milling about the trail area at the time the girls were there.

Kelsi gives us some great insights into Libby’s personality.  She confirms that they had been actively geocaching during the two weekends prior to the homicides.  Kelsi states that there are two geocaching sites near the trail/bridge.  One is along the roadway in the woods.  The other is under the trail end of the bridge – therefore the bridge would not need to be crossed in order to visit that geocache location.  Kelsi seems confident that Libby was not geocaching that day as they had made a promise to do it together.

Kelsi states that Libby would have had her phone out to take photos, stating ‘That’s what they did’.  They went out to the trail area to take nature photos.

Renner mentions that he believes the suspect is local and if not right there in Delphi then a surrounding area such as Lafayette.  I do not think BG is local to Delphi but I do agree that he has at least lived in one of the surrounding communities. I think BG lived in the surrounding areas as a drifter but I’m not sure where he was born and raised. Likely Indiana but not nearby to Delphi.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of people, or any, coming forward saying ‘yes I know that guy…I went to high school with him, church…worked with him, etc’. But maybe that’s because the still photos are too blurry.

Chapter 5:  The trail and bridge are explored.  Well, they were going to explore them.  Nothing really to see in this chapter.  They don’t cross the bridge and at this point Renner thinks the girls were found on the other side of the bridge where they went down the hill…not realizing they were found on the side he was on and he didn’t need to cross the bridge to find that area.  But, it’s Logan’s private land either way and he probably wouldn’t want to trespass.

*I wouldn’t cross it either but had hoped to get a better look at the trail and the area in which they may have first encountered the suspect.  I’ve still not seen a video of the exact area in which the girls were found although we have photos.

Chapter 6: This is the interview with Anna which is nice because we have had little insight into Abby.  Anna states that there was rumor of a boyfriend at another school and Abby kept her mom off of her Facebook because she wasn’t supposed to have an FB account.

When discussing the bridge Anna expresses her anger over others fascination with the bridge and states that ‘two girls died there horrifically’.  I think that’s confirmation, sadly, that the homicides were as bad as has been rumored.  I can’t speak for Anna but that’s my take on her statement.

She also mentions that Abby did not frequent the bridge and wasn’t familiar with crossing it, that she’s aware of.

Was it just me? The chapter 6 video began abruptly and ended mid sentence with Anna.

Chapter 7:  An interview with Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby.  Interesting.  The Snapchat photos of the girls and video of the suspect was not located until after the girls were found according to Leazenby.  However…Becky and Anna stated that they had the Snapchat photos of the girls on the night of the 13th.  I’m guessing the video came the next day.  I’m once again wondering if there was a photo of the suspect and not just the released video stills?   No one ever corrects Renner to state that there aren’t suspect photos…only video stills that LE took from the video.  Prior to the discovery of the bodies LE only considered them missing.  Clearly there was nothing found on the 13th or morning of the 14th to indicate a homicide had taken place.  ….Despite J Kyle Keener’s observation of girls clothing in the creek around 10am.

Chapter 8:  More talk with Kelsi.  It’s a shame she’s fearful.  It appears she feels that it was more of a crime of opportunity and not targeted.  They discuss the suspect’s familiarity with the bridge.  My opinion – it doesn’t take much to become familiar with the layout of the land and some people aren’t scared of heights.  The guy was obviously brazen enough to murder two innocent young girls…he likely has the capacity to cross that bridge to get to his target, like a hunter.

Chapter 9:  More honest conversation with Anna.  It’s clarified that both girls were deceased on the 13th and neither lived to the morning of the 14th.  She’s, understandably, frustrated with much of the online talk and rumor.

Chapter 10:  More with Tobe Leazenby.  He has watched/listened to the entire Snapchat video.  He appears to believe the voice is that of the suspect shown in the video.  He states there is nothing that leads him to believe more than one person was involved but they can’t rule it out either.  He does state that the attack itself is not on the recording.  I think Leazenby is more confident in the DNA then he lets on.


Renner did a great job going out and conducting these interviews.  There are always questions we wish we could ask ourselves of course.  The interviews haven’t changed my theory in any way.  It’s obvious…the playing field is becoming more narrow each and every day.  Soon, there will be no place to hide.



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The Closs Mystery

At 12:53 a.m. on October 15th the Barron County WI Sherrif’s Department received a 911 call.  The call lasted less than one minute.  Dispatchers traced the call to a cell phone located at a home at 1268 13 1/2 Ave USH 8.  Officers were dispatched at 12:56 a.m.  They arrived at 1:00 a.m., just 7 minutes after the call was placed.

Meanwhile it was discovered that the cell phone belonged to Denise Closs who resided at that address.  The dispatcher attempted to call the phone back and there was no answer.  The dispatcher then made an attempt to call the landline and found it to be disconnected.

Its unclear what was heard during that seconds long 911 hang up call.  The dispatcher only noted that there was a lot of yelling.

As officers arrived they noted that the front door was open.  At 1:03 a.m. they advised that it was a possible suicide attempt.  Officers requested backup, 503 and first responders.  At 1:04 a.m. officers paged EMS to respond and stage for a possible suicide attempt.  At 1:05 a.m. officers entered the home to discover 56 yr old James Closs laying in or near the doorway unresponsive and a victim of an apparent shooting.  They advised of multiple spent rounds.  At 1:06 a.m. officers advised that the door had been kicked in and that the male who is down had answered the door.  At 1:11 a.m it was advised that two subjects were down as they discovered the body of 46 yr old Denise Closs.  At 1:32 a.m officers advised that no gun was found.  At 3:06 a.m. the call log was changed from suicide to homicide.  At 3:57 a.m. the call went out for a missing juvenile, the Closs’s 13 yr old daughter Jayme.  At 4:02 a.m. a call went out to request contact with an FBI field agent.  At 4:25 a.m. officers we 10-76 to 1341 17th st. (Family of victims)  At 4:32 a.m. investigators made contact with security at the St. Croix Casino.

At 5:13 a.m. Jayme L. Closs was listed as ‘Abducted by a Stranger’.  Investigators list the time of abduction as 12:55 a.m.  At 12:35 p.m. the family’s dog was removed from the scene and placed with family.

A neighbor reported hearing two gunshots around 12:31 a.m. but did not report the shots to police as they surmised that gunshots were a normal occurrence in the rural area in which the Closs’s resided.

Later in the afternoon as investigators and forensic teams worked the crime scene witnesses noted evidence being removed from the home.  The outer glass door was removed and loaded into the evidence van.  A conspicuous kitchen/dining chair was carried out by a technician and appeared to contain rope on the legs, back spindles and upper spindles leading to much speculation that at least one of the victims had been bound to the chair.

While investigators have received over a thousand tips they state that they have no credible leads as to who committed this crime or to Jayme’s whereabouts.  They have taken an unusual step of stating that Jayme is 100% alive.

What happened to the Closs family?  Why was 13 yr old Jayme Closs abducted from the scene after the homicides of her parents?  It’s reported that Denise and Jayme attended a family party earlier in the day.  James Closs is reported to have worked a shift ending at 11:00 p.m. at nearby Jennie-O Foods, where both James and Denise were employed.  Interviews with friends and family paint the portrait of a typical working class family.  There are no reported gambling, drug or alcohol addictions within the small family.  It’s not expected that the family had a large amount of cash, jewels or other items that would lead someone to target them.  The motive is an absolute mystery to all those who knew the Closs’s.

Investigators deny any involvment by Jayme Closs in the homicides of her parents.  So who would be so bold as to loudly kick in a seemingly strong door on a Sunday, in the middle of the night, shoot James as he answered the door, shoot Denise in another room shortly afterwards, allegedly tie one of the family members up in a chair and then make their escape with a 13 yr old teen?  Why take Jayme and not murder her also?

Was the killer known to the family?  Was it a family member, friend, coworker, neighbor…or just a random stranger?  Were they looking for something?  Did they target the wrong home?  Was it someone Jayme was involved with either in person or online?  Was someone angry with one of the Closs’s?  Why did someone do this?

As often is the case, there are many more questions than answers.  Now we must locate Jayme.  If you have any information about the homicides of James and Denise Closs or the abduction of Jayme Closs please contact the FBI or the Barron County Sheriff’s Department.


Police are looking for information on these vehicles of interest that were seen in the area at the time of the homicides/abduction.



Evidence removed from the Closs home


The broken door frame


First five pages of the dispatch logs.  There are 14 in all.  The first four are the most significant.








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The Waiting Game – Libby and Abby Comment Page 18


It’s a waiting game. Investigators must wait until he takes another victim and hope evidence from the next attack/homicide will lead them to the killer of Abigail Williams and Liberty German.

It’s not an uncommon practice. There’s evidence, plenty of it, we’re told. Investigators have video and audio of the killer. But they do not have a name. Video stills, a voice clip, hundreds of highway billboards, numerous television appearances, witness accounts and a sketch of the suspect have failed to identify this killer. While thousands of tips have poured in, his identity remains unknown.

On July 18th, 2018, it was reported that investigators are working with Paragon NanoLabs in an attempt to identify Libby and Abby’s attacker through a DNA genealogy database. It’s been successful in other high profile cases. But it’s dependent upon a family member of the suspect, unknowingly, to have already submitted a DNA sample into GEDmatch.

It’s been almost 20 months since the two Delphi IN teens were led down a hill and brutally murdered near the Monon High Bridge Trail. There have been no named suspects. Investigators have stated that they have enough significant evidence to build a solid case once a suspect has been identified.

What are we left with? When all evidence and leads are dead ends…all you can do is wait. We can only speculate that such a brutal crime could not possibly be a first violent offense. We can only speculate that the killer’s DNA is not in CODIS or ViCap. We can only speculate that, in time, he will claim another victim. Then we wait.

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Comment Page 17 – Please continue comments here on the Delphi Homicides of Abby and Libby

IMG_2705Investigators.  It’s time.  It’s time to release additional information.

It’s now one year and six months past the date Libby and Abby were murdered.  No arrests and no current suspects.  Yet a killer remains free.  A killer that you stated likely has other victims…someone that likely will have future victims.

Yes, we must protect the integrity of the investigation.  Absolutely.  But we must also find a killer.  This case is different than most.  Sure, we don’t want false confessions.  But we have video and audio of the killer.  Investigators would know if a false confession is being made because we can see the killer.  We don’t want to alter the account of a witness who might come forward with facts they don’t already know.  True.  But maybe a piece of information will be just what it takes for a new witness to come forward.  People are witnesses every day but they do not recognize it until they know what it is that they witnessed.

As time passes the public interest will diminish.  Other precious lives will be lost and the focus will change.  Tips will become few.  Regular reminders and a consistent release of information is necessary to keep an incoming flow of witnesses and tips.  It’s time to throw a little bit more out there.  Any little tidbit will fuel public interest for weeks to months.

There’s no question that investigators want this case to be solved more than anyone. They know what happened to these girls, they saw their bodies, watched the video, listened to the audio, had to inform their families, etc.  We think we know how horrific it was but they actually do know.  It must be a tough balance between protecting the investigation, because you know you someday will have that arrest, and knowing you also need that right information from the public.

If you know anything about the homicides of Abby and Libby or if you think, even remotely, that you know this suspect, please call the tip line, contact your local law enforcement, the FBI, the Carroll County Sherrif’s Office, Delphi police…or send it here.  Just tell someone so that we can get this guy off the streets.


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Comment Page 16 – Please continue comments here on the Delphi Homicides of Abby and Libby

Here we are.  One year and five months after Libby and Abby were brutally murdered and we have no answers.  No suspects.  No arrests.  No public pleas from law enforcement asking for information.

I support law enforcement to a fault.  Sure, we know there are bad apples but overall   law enforcement officers are outstanding people.  They wake up every morning (or night) knowing ‘today could be the day’ that the unthinkable might happen.  For those local to Delphi that day may have been February 13th 2017 when two teens were reported missing and then found the next afternoon in a wooded area near the trail from which they were abducted.

Being supportive of law enforcement doesn’t exclude you from questioning their ability to handle a case in which citizen volunteers stumbled through the crime scene, one in which thousands of tips poured in, a case that’s received a lot of media attention and, presumably, a case that’s seemingly very difficult to solve despite having video/audio of the suspect and witness accounts that produced a sketch.  I am absolutely certain that anyone involved in this investigation has lost many nights sleep, that they are working very hard towards an arrest, that they would do anything within their power to solve this mystery.  But, are they thinking outside the box?

There’s an article dated April 17 2018 in the Journal & Courier that discusses the new Indiana DNA collection laws.  Beginning in January 2018 DNA will be collected from anyone charged with a felony.  The former policy only required the collection of DNA upon a conviction.  Carroll County Chief Tobe Leazenby was asked if they’ve tested the Delphi suspect DNA against the database now that we have these new felon entries.  His reply surprised me.  He said “running any evidence they have against the broader DNA database is something investigators have not discussed, but it’s worth exploring.”  Why wouldn’t this have been discussed already?  At that time in April there were over 3000 new entries in the DNA database that had already led to 72 hits in other cases.  Perhaps they do not have enough DNA to keep running tests?  Maybe they already know who their guy is?  Or, maybe it just hasn’t occurred to them?

There’s also been much publicity surrounding several high profile cases being solved  through Parabon Nanolabs.  They tackle a case in many ways.  They use DNA phenotyping to create an almost-near photographic image of the suspect less differentials for weight and other life choices that affect appearance.  They also compare suspect DNA to a genealogy database hoping to strike a familial match upon which they can build a family tree to narrow the suspect list.  It’s not costly.  Have investigators explored this option?

Then we have Daniel Nations.  Many have speculated that Nation’s refused to give DNA in Colorado which led to him being extradited on charges, that are not typically worthy of extradition costs, back to Indiana.  Nations took a tour through various Indiana county jails before allegedly giving a DNA sample as part of a deal.  As this is based on speculation we do not know if the motive was to retrieve his DNA.  We do know that he was named as a suspect.  The only named suspect.  We hear of so many cases in which LE obtained DNA without a suspect’s knowledge by either confiscating his eating utensils, a cup, hairbrush or even testing used tissues.  So, why not grab the guy’s personal items for DNA testing and either eliminate him or implicate him?

It goes without question that investigators have more knowledge in this case than most would imagine.  They may even have the answers to all of these questions, perhaps even a DNA match.  Is it telling that there have been no recent law enforcement updates and no recent requests for tips?  Investigators owe us no explanation of course.  We can only keep the faith that the investigation is going in the right direction.  And we must continue to support investigators as they tirelessly work to solve the murders of these two beautiful girls!




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Update – SOLVED! – There’s a Serial Killer Amongst Us


Update – Parabon NanoLabs has identified Robert Eugene Brashers as the serial killer known as Mr. Maroon.  Brashers died of a self inflicted gunshot wound in January 1999, six days after an encounter with police in Kennett MO.

Robert Eugene Brashers Identified as Mr. Maroon

There’s a serial killer in the Midwest.  We don’t know his name and we don’t know where he lives.  We do know he targets 12-14 year olds and he has no hesitation to take on multiple victims at once.  He uses a ruse to gain entry into victim’s homes.  He pretends to be looking for a road or person and then uses the phrase “Let’s take it inside”.  It’s clear that he targets homes with young girls, not young girls, but girls that are on the cusp of puberty.  He uses latex gloves and he brings items necessary to control his victims.

The FBI believes his first homicide took place on April 5th, 1990 in Greenville SC.  While Genevieve Zitricki slept a man forced his way through a sliding patio door and into the apartment of the 28 yr old recently divorced female.  He attacked Zitricki as she slept, no warning, he bludgeoned her with a small hammer he carried with him.  He sexually assaulted and then strangled her.  Afterwards, he moved her body into her bathtub and turned on the faucet.

Before leaving, Zitricki’s killer emptied all of her bedroom drawers, scattering clothing all over the floor, on the dresser mirror he used a magic marker to scribble the words “Don’t f*** with my family”.  The FBI believes this message was an attempt to mislead the investigation.  They do not believe this was a random attack.

Two weeks after the Zitricki homicide, near the apartment complex, a jogger found a pair of latex gloves that police believe belonged to the killer.  Next to those gloves was a folded up photo of a smiling woman dressed only in a T-shirt and panties.  Was this woman the intended victim?  Investigators aired the photo on a segment of Unsolved Mysteries and was able to identify her through viewer tips.  They revealed that the woman’s husband lived in the apartment complex before marrying her.  The husband was cleared in Zitricki’s murder.  This photo led the FBI to believe the killer is a maintenance worker, contractor, cable installer or some other job that would have given him access to the building’s units.

Eight years pass.  Then one day in March of 1998, in Portageville, Missouri, just minutes after 7pm, Tony Scherer and his son Steven find the bodies of Sherri Scherer, 37, and their daughter Megan, 12.  Sherri was found face down, bound and gagged, near the sofa, shot several times with a .22.  Megan’s COD has never been fully revealed to the public.  Missouri Highway Patrol investigator Don Windham stated, in regards to Megan, “She was in a, what was really the horrific part of this, not only was she assaulted and shot and….just horribly ….she was posed like he wanted to show what he had done,” Windham also said. “I can tell you that he brought some items to help him control the victims. And I have evidence that I believe will show that he also took those items back with him.”

When asked if they had been tied up, he said, “They were both bound, yeah. And gagged.”

The killer was only in the home for 30 minutes.  Steven Scherer had called and spoke with his Mother at 6:20pm.  20 minutes after this call Tony Scherer also called his wife and received no answer.  By 7pm both Mother and daughter were dead.

Investigators obtained touch DNA and a hair fiber from Megan’s hand and this DNA matched that of the Zitricki murder.  Two entirely different MO’s but one killer.

Only two hours after killing the Scherer’s, a man in a maroon van pulls into the driveway of a home in Dyersberg TN.  The front door was open and the unidentified woman peered out.  The man approached, said he was looking for a road but wasn’t sure of the name.  This raised the suspicions of the woman who was home alone with her children.  The man then said he was looking for “Jeremy Taylor”.  The woman pretended to call a neighbor who was not home, told the man that this neighbor knew Jeremy and that he could head over there.  Clearly a ruse of her own so that she could contact police.  At this point the man pulled out a gun, he said “Let’s take it inside” and the woman lunged for the gun.  As the two struggled over the gun the woman yelled for one of her children to ‘get the shotgun’.  This caused the attacker to pull loose, causing the gun to fire, shooting the woman in the shoulder.

Ballistics confirm the same gun was used in the Scherer murders that took place just hours prior.  Why did he seek another victim so soon?  Was his rampage at the Scherer home interrupted?  Was there still some part of his sadistic fantasy not completed?

The unknown serial killer was entered into the FBI’s ViCAP database.  Violent Criminal Apprehension Program.  This is a database that analyzes serial violent crimes.  It’s used for homicides, sexual assaults, missing persons and unidentified remains.  This system is able to link cases by the ‘signature’ serial offenders often use amongst multiple crimes.  It also correlates crimes by linking cases that are similar by motive, COD, victim, etc.

In May 2007, investigators learned of a new link to the Scherer/Zitricki homicides.  Memphis investigator’s were clearing through a backlog of old rape test kits when they received a hit.

In 1996 a man cane to the door of an unidentified family.  In the home there was three woman and a 14 yr old female.  As one woman opened the door the man said, “Not gonna hurt you. Just do what I say. Take it in the house.”  The stranger then said, “Listen, lady, all I want is your car. All I want is your car. Let’s take it in the house.”

The man forced his way into the home, put on a set of yellow dishwashing gloves and brought out a roll of duct tape.  He bound and gagged the three adult women.  He bound, gagged and raped the 14 yr old female.

New Madrid County, lead investigator, Colonel Bud Cooper amd Highway Patrol investigator Don Windham, commenting on the suspect, made the following statements to a KFVS reporter in July 2017:

“Not only the DNA, but the way they were bound and tied,” Don Windham stated. “And the way he took items away. And brought things in. Some of those items, some of those things match.”

When asked if he thought a young female was the objective in each of three cases, Cooper said “yes.”

Stated by a KFVS reporter: That frightening conclusion made Jenny Zitricki’s murder seem out of place. But Cooper saw a suspect evolving from a silent killer in South Carolina, to a man with a very specific plan. “And then you fast forward seven years and he’s talking his way into the house. He’s comfortable talking to not only one but four people at the same time.”

Investigators do believe there are more victims and they expect to receive additional hits at other agencies enter DNA samples and other case information.  FBI investigator’s believe the suspect lives within a 75 mile radius of his crimes and has connections to the Greenville SC area.  They are specifically looking for similar crimes committed in the following states:  MO, AR, TN, KY, SC, NC and IL.

The suspect is described as a male between the ages of 30-50 yrs old with a slight build, shaggy graying hair and graying full mustache.  At one time he drove a dark colored or maroon van.


If you recognize this suspect or have any information relating to these cases, please contact the New Madrid County Sheriff’s Office at 573-748-2516 or the Missouri State Highway Patrol at 573-840-9500.  Or contact the FBI.


Additional sketches of Mr. Maroon:








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Photo Page – Delphi Homicides

New Delphi suspect sketch released on 4/22/19





Closeup of the ‘fanny pack’

Important facts released by family

Q&A with Tara and Becky. This will dispel some rumors. This was posted within a Facebook group and the poster stated that it was fine to share with other groups.*/0B_safM3A4ahQY0xCSENzWHQyRk0?e=download


Is this BG? A woman in W Lafayette took this photo of her children and only later saw the man on the bench. This man does appear to be dressed similarly. BG is said to have worn a baseball style cap that had flaps.

Flowers placed by the girls family in the area in which they were found.


Crime Scene. If there is something circled…I did not circle it. These are photos I have screenshot that others have posted.


Enhancements. These were enhanced by an LE friend. They were not manipulated outside of applying a detail filter.


These are photos the female hiker took at about the same time the girls were murdered. I’m unsure what someone circled here.


I find it oddly coincidental that there is a national weather center water gauge right at the crime scene!


Are these the same items?? One is BG and the other is not. They appear to have the same red, white and blue pattern. I think this is a knife handle or sheath.


According to the witness BG had on a baseball type cap with flaps. These are some possibilities. Unusual hat selection that would stand out.


DNA phenotyping in the Michella Welch case. The suspect was thought to be a drifter who camped in the woods nearby. He murdered Michella in the afternoon at a crowded park. Michella’s teacher saw her talking to the man one moment and she was gone the next. He had taken her down a ravine where he sexually assaulted her and cut her throat.


This is the DNA phenotyping of the unknown suspect in the rape and murder of Jodine Serrin. She was murdered on Valentine’s Day 2007. This suspect resembles the Delphi sketch.


Scanner feed for 2/14. When the girls are discovered around 12:12 they switch to a private channel. As far as I am aware, no scanner feed relating to the girls is available after this point.




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Delphi Homicide Suspect

On Monday, February 13th 2017, at 1:00pm, two best friends went for a hike on the Monon High Bridge trail in Delphi Indiana.  Shortly after 2:00pm a man approached the girls as they neared the end of the Monon bridge.  He ordered them ‘down the hill’ to their eventual deaths.  Their bodies were found by searchers on Tuesday, February 14th, at 12:15pm on a stretch of private property just 50-60 feet from Deer Creek and within a half mile of the bridge.

The identity of the suspect, now known as BG (bridge guy), remains unknown. Police have revealed very little information outside of two still  images and a suspect voice clip taken from a video recorded by Liberty German as the suspect approached.

The untimely deaths of these two young ladies has forever impacted the the girl’s family and the community alike.  This suspect or suspects must be apprehended and held accountable for their cowardly actions.  Through public discussion there is hope the suspect’s identity will be revealed and law enforcement will have their day in bringing justice to these families.

If you know this suspect please contact law enforcement immediately by the telephone number or email address provided above.  Never rationalize a tip as not being related!  Someone out there knows this man and that person could be you!IMG_2733